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28 janvier 2011 5 28 /01 /janvier /2011 20:48

Hey wonderful people!

Recently, by some miracle, I've had more and more readers... Meaning more readers than my Mom and myself (lame, I know...) So a big thank you to all of you who spend some of your time with me here. I'm so happy to welcome you in the Little White House.


But I also realise that you've never actually seen any of my remodeling, as nothing has really been done in the house... yet. So make yourself comfortable and read this story about the past...


Je me suis rendue compte que je ne vous avez jamais montré aucune de mes transformations d'intérieur, puisque rien n'a encore été vraiment fait dans la maison.


I rummaged through old pictures and for the very first time managed to digitalised them (does that make sense?). Please be nice with me as I tool no real before/after photos at the time as I had no blog and nobody else than me was interested in that.


J'ai donc farfouillé dans mes archives, tenté de scanner quelques vieilles photos. Et voilà!


Paris travaux


This was my first home redo: my very tiny studio in Paris: a 129 square feet room (seen above) and a 10 square feet kitchen and about the same size for the bathroom. It might seem crazy, but to me it was like a castle and my first remodeling project. There was a sliding door in front of the kitchen which is already removed in the next picture. The floor was an old green carpet.


Ma première réfection était mon tout petit studio parisien: minuscule cuisine peinte en beige un peu pisseux, porte coulissante devant la cuisine et vieille moquette au sol.


Paris Cuisine Travaux


After (again, sorry for the bad quality):


Copie de Studio Paris


This picture was taken from the balcony you can see in the first picture (in the top corner, you can see the yellow curtain I had chosen at the time). I had wanted the studio to be cheerful as Paris seemed rather grey to me.

That little dog at the front is my dear Fanny, RIP.

At the back, you can see my very first kitchen!


La photo a été prise du balcon: on peut voir le rideau jaune que j'avais choisi: j'avais voulu que le studio soit très gai pour compenser le gris parisien (et au désespoir de ma maman, je change de couleur dominante à chaque déménagement...). Un petit clin d'oeil sur cette photo à mon petit chien Fanny.


Paris Cuisine Après


I had added the top cabinets (from Ikea, you may recognize), but couldn't change the bottom one, so I just added the same knob. The walls were repainted white as it was the best way to keep some light in that tiny space. And, believe me or not, I cooked a lot in that kitchen!


J'étais très fière de ma cuisine car, pour petite qu'elle était, c'était ma première et j'y ai fait beaucoup d'essais culinaires. J'avais ajouté les éléments du haut (Ikea) et juste changé la poignée du bas pour unifier un peu...



Dearest readers, can I ask you for one more favour? Could some of you leave a comment? I would be delighted to read your feelings... And to get to know you a little...



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(For some reason, I can't get all the buttons to go where I want them to... Please, don't feel offended if your button is not the first, they just choose to be where they are, who knew they were that stubborn!)

A special warm welcome to those who come from these parties!








Little White House xxx

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Patricia 31/01/2011 19:42

First, I'm envious that you're living in Paris. I've been twice and would go again tomorrow if someone sent me a ticket. I like the changes you've made. I've been watching a show on HGTV about
finding apartments in Paris. It's great to find your blog to read some current updates.

littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 31/01/2011 21:31

I don't live in Paris anymore... But it's a mere 3-hour train ride to get there... And it allows me to have a house that doesn't have living-room/kitchen/dining-room/home office/bedroom all in
one!!! Thanks for your nice comment.

Modern Country Style 31/01/2011 15:45

How cool to see *real* French houses...rather than ones in magazines!

I'm not surprised at all to hear you're getting more followers...you have such a lovely way of writing.


littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 01/02/2011 21:21

Stop, please! I'm blushing.

The TV is out of service tonight, for an unknown reason (at least, unknown to me, not-too-technical lady!)... so I re-read your whole blog, from post #1... Great! I had forgotten about those
built-in cupboards in your bedroom, but I'll have questions about them, in a few months!


Magali xxx

Mam 29/01/2011 14:59

Oui, c'est vrai, c'était du bon boulot et d'un studio terne et moche, tu en avais fait un petit nid coquet ! Je ne doute pas que tu réussisses encore mieux dans ton nouveau chez toi breton.

littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 29/01/2011 16:11

Merci pour tous tes commentaires, et surtout pour celui-là... Maleureusement, je n'ai pas trouvé beaucoup de photos de mon nid douillet parisien... A l'époque, je n'en faisais pas beaucoup...

géraldine 29/01/2011 14:05

Cette fois ci prends plein de photos souvenirs!
C' est marrant après de revoir tout le travail accompli!!
Bon week-end

littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 29/01/2011 16:09

Je ne manquerai pas de prendre plein de photos avant-pendant-après... J'envisage éventuellement d'investir dans un nouvel appareil pour prendre des photos valables du "après"... Mon appareil
actuel n'aime pas la lumière bretonne...

Welcome, Dear Readers!

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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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