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6 février 2012 1 06 /02 /février /2012 21:14

Hello there,


We are experiencing some mild cold here... I consider myself lucky as it seems Brittany is the only "warm pocket" in the whole Europe, warm being a generous word for our 2°C!


Bon, d'après ce que j'ai compris, je ne dois pas me plaindre puisque la Bretagne est, une fois n'est pas coutume, l'endroit le plus "chaud" du moment avec ses 2°C!


Still, I kind of spent the weekend curled up on my not-so-comfortable-but-to-be-changed-in-a-not-so-near-future sofa (we're not afraid of long names, are we?), catching up on some late (ok, very late) episodes from The Vampire Diaries... A hot guy or two (or three or four) couldn't hurt with that cold wind outside.


Enfin, d'après moi, cela reste trop froid pour jardiner ou courir les brocantes et j'ai donc passé une partie du weekend à corriger mes copies rattrapper mon retard dans mes séries préférées.


And I couldn't help but notice some more set gorgeousness...


Et je pense que vous ne pouvez pas continuer à vivre sans observer cet adorable salon qui apparaît dans l'épisode "Mascarade" de The Vampire Diaries. Si vous préférez lire en musique, le clip suivant est celui de la chanson qui apparaît dans l'épisode...


If you want to really be in the mood, this is the song that's played in the episode "Masquerade":




Most people who watched this episode probably wondered "Is Elena/Katherine/Bonnie... (insert here name of any character) going to die?"


I really didn't understand what was happening to the characters as I kept pausing the video, drooling over the Lockwoods Mansion...


Today, just for you, are some pictures of the upstairs sitting-room that gets trashed in yet an other life or death situation....


207 Masquerade


Somehow the "atmosphere" of the room seemed peaceful to me... until everyone tried to kill each other, that is. I loved the "withered" colours.


J'ai adoré l'atmosphère sereine qui se dégage de cette pièce aux couleurs fanées... Enfin, les personnages, eux, se battent, mais c'est un détail...




The wall paper is the very first thing that caught my eye, as it looks very beginning of the 19th century to me. Here's a close-up:




Wait! Who staked the wall-paper? Anyway, you missed the heart.

I love the sea-on-a-stormy-day colour.


Quelqu'un a abimé ce papier peint délicieusement vintage...


Have you noticed the transom? I have a thing for transoms, so I did...


Cela fait un moment que les impostes vitrés au dessus des portes me travaillent... Je sens que cela va apparaître un jour ou l'autre dans ma maison.


On the right armchair, there's a beige and red cushion that keeps the colour-theme going.





The red sofa is the perfect touch of colour. I love that it's not too bright and therefore keeps the atmosphere of the room serene (excpet for those people fighting...). Huh... Did someone slew the coffee table? Well, it wasn't the best feature of the room...


The three-drawer side--table is adorable, wish I had a close-up on the drawers... I wonder how the lamp is lighted as there is no wire that I can see...




Katherine, sweety, there's a line between high heels and too-high heels... You just crossed that line. Nice ponpons on your cushions, Mrs Lockwood.




Katherine collapsed so we could see the carpet, that she stained in the most dreadful way. Still, we can appreciate how the carpet goes with the unity of the room: grey-blue, beige and some red highlights....I seriously wonder if the red highlights were brought to this room just to match Katherine's lipstick.... I don't recall the room from any previous episode... And I bet the people on this show are just crazy enough to have done that... Her eye shadow also matches the carpet... Perfection or ultimate craziness of TVD crew?


Alors, là, j'en perds mon latin (et ce n'est vraiment pas le moment), mais le tapis (merci à Katherine de s'être bien écroulée dessus) reprend à la fois les teintes de toute la pièce (couleur mer enragée, beige et pointes de rouge) mais en plus cela correspond d'une part à la couleur de son rouge à lèvre et de son ombre à paupière (si je vous jure sur ma grande photo, c'est pile poil ça)...




They also managed to stain the hardwood floor... This is going to need some major sanding now... Does whisky stain? I don't drink enough to know....


Mrs Lockwood never complained about the mess of the room... Maybe she just wanted to redecorate it anyway...


If you want to see the kitchen set of the same TV show, it's equally gorgeous and it's here.




Magali, from the Little White House xxx



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Modern Country Style 11/02/2012 13:27

This looks great! I love it when I'm watching something and the set catches my eye. Guy always gets confused when I want to pause so I can stare at the wallpaper!!!


Mam 09/02/2012 09:50

Oui, bon... mais si tu voyais le même décor chez mamie, tu le trouverai vraiment trop vieillot... comme quoi, suivant les personnages qui y vivent, on ne voit pas les mêmes choses. J'aime bien la
partie vitrée au dessus des portes...

littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 09/02/2012 23:15

Enfin, d'un autre côté, chacun sait que je n'ai pas peur des choses kitch ou vieillote... Même pas peur des colliers de perles qui rendent l'âme en milieu de journée ! Et, puis, j'aime beaucoup de choses chez Mamie, excepté... les fauteuils jaunes (Shadow est d'accord avec moi, là) et la
toile cirée de la cuisine ("quoi, ma belle nappe assortie à mon papier peint???"). xxx

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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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