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18 novembre 2012 7 18 /11 /novembre /2012 21:24

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


I went to an "empty-your-attic" sale this morning. At this time of the year, they are organised indoors and to me it lacks some of the charm that outdoor ones have. I mean it's not the same to wander in beautiful village streets and to make your way in the crowd in an auditorium or a gymnasium. On the other hand, given how cold it was this morning, it was nice to be inside.

I found a couple of things and of course as I was back home I had to rush upstairs to the bathroom (morning tea + cold outside air, you don't need a picture; do you?), so I just let everything I bought on the floor.

And here's what I found when I got downstairs...


Matinée de vide-grenier ce matin. C'est beaucoup moins sympa en cette saison car c'est souvent dans un gymnase mais vu les températures ce matin, j'étais plutôt contente que ce soit en intérieur.




He looked quite sheepish at first, and then he just settled.


Parmi mes trouvailles, un plateau que Shadow a immédiatement adopté. Il a eu l'air un peu inquiet à l'idée de se faire gronder d'abord, puis il a pris ses aises.




For some reason, Shadow has always loved trays. This new/old one seems to be to his liking. It may or may not get a makeover like the previous ones.


At about noon, a small miracle happened.


Petit miracle de la journée, les deux chats ont passé un moment sur la voiture sans se battre...




the two cats on the top of the car at the same moment without fighting!


Reality check: they did fight a little later, but we're taking baby (or kitten) steps, here.


Bon, il y a bien eu une bagarre plus tard dans la journée, mais on avance peu à peu vers la tolérance...


If you're still reading the post, here's where I need your advice. I've been thinking to move The Little White House blog to an other platform or whatever it's called that would be more "bilingual" friendly than Overblog and that would allow me a little more freedom in tags/categories/editing.  And I have a few questions.

1) I've been researching and it appears that blogger or wordpress are the easiest to use. Do you have any preference?

2) It seems none of them allow me to keep the content from Overblog. Or is there a secret about that I haven't discovered yet?

3) If you're one of my not numerous but very dear to me followers, would you follow me to the new place? And, by the way, let me know if you're a follower, because most of you are mysteries to me as Overblog does a very good job as keeping your identity and even your email address a secret!


I would really appreciate your advice and feedbacks from your experience.


J'envisage éventuellement de déménager le blog de la Petite Maison sur une autre plateforme qui serait plus "bilingue", qui me laisserait plus de liberté dans les classifications d'articles. Mon coeur balance pour l'instant entre Blogger et Wordpress. Seriez-vous prêts à m'y suivre?


A warm "thank you" to all of you for reading the blog, whether you're often visiting or passing by for the first time.


Magali, from The Little White House xxx


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Athena at Minerva's Garden 07/12/2012 00:41

Hello Magali: So nice to hear from you, and so glad that you liked my little red ice skates project! Also, I am reading your blog in English here in the United States, and the current translation
is very good. I have used blogger and wordpress, and I much prefer wordpress, but it is definitely up to your personal preference. I was on wordspress.com for quite a while and liked it, and then I
moved my blog to wordpress.org, which is a self-hosted site that I have to pay for each month ($8 a month in US currency) in order to have advertising on it (so I will someday maybe make some money
from the advertising but not much so far), and I like it as well. And you should be able to move all the content, photos and comments from your current blog to a new blogger or wordpress blog.
Under "Tools" there is an "import" and "export" feature, and you basically export a copy of your blog out to your computer, and then you can import it to your new blog, at least you can on
wordpress. And I am a new follower, and I would follow you wherever you decide to go. I enjoyed this post, and your cats are funny! We have 3 cats, and they are always into something new. They
don't lay on trays, but they do have fights with each other on a regular basis! Take care--have a wonderful weekend!

littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 07/12/2012 06:29

Thank you so much for taking the time to write the explanations... And the blog is not translated... I write it both in English and French myself, trying not to make too many mistakes! Thanks for
following and visiting the Little White House! I also follow your blog and every post is nice to read.


Mandi McClure 23/11/2012 13:36

I would follow your blog wherever you moved it to. I currently use Blogger. I've never used Wordpress so I can't offer much help in the differences between the two.
Love that Shadow took an immediate liking to your tray. At least he knows what he likes.

littlewhitehouse.over-blog.com 24/11/2012 13:33

Thanks, that is so sweet!

Mam 19/11/2012 14:59

Le plateau est sympa... mais pas aussi beau que le chat !

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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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