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26 novembre 2010 5 26 /11 /novembre /2010 21:33

IMGP2105You might not know the French website "Le Bon Coin": I guess it's like the "Craig's list" I read a lot about on your wonderful decorating blogs. Meaning, it's a wonderful way to spend your time on a rainy day and it's also very time consuming because I'm always afraid to miss something great... which does happen. Everyday, I check the site for old stuff, especialy teapots, watering cans, chandeliers and so on...


Si vous êtes un tant soit peu intéressé par les vieux trucs, vous connaissez forcément "Le Bon Coin" auquel je "convertis" peu à peu tous mes collègues... C'est toute une institution, avec ses propres règles d'orthographe (quel fou rire sur l'annonce du panier en nozier!!! - véridique! - ), ses photos parfois floues et ses prix parfois délirants (dans le bon et le mauvais sens!). Tous les jours, j'ai toute une liste d'objets que je recherche (des théières bien sûr, des vieux arrosoirs et tout ce qui est anglais).


Last weekend I found this old scale in a nearby town.

Voici ma dernière trouvaille:


I must say the couple I bought it from had a wonderful house: I would have been glad to bring more of their stuff home!


J'ai choisi de la laisser telle quelle: je l'ai dépoussiérée, mais je ne veux pas la rajeunir, j'ai juste gratté un peu un trop plein de rouille qui empêchait de voir une inscription...



I'm slowly beginning to buy things that will go with the future kitchen, though they look majorly weird right now in the modern kitchen the house has!


Me voilà commençant à accumuler des objets qui trouveront leur place dans la future cuisine, mais qui sont complètement déconnectés de l'ambiance actuelle de la pièce!


Actually, it's not for that big scale I drove all the way to that town, it was for a small and cheaper item... But so very rare around here!


It's an old English milk bottle, dated from 1884: the first item of my collection (can you say collection when you only have one?)...


En fait, ce n'est pas la balance qui m'avait fait prendre ma voiture, même si c'était une heureuse surprise; c'était cette ancienne bouteille de lait anglaise, dans laquelle après l'avoir détartrée, j'ai mis les dernières roses du jardin, en piteux état malheureusement car elles ont pris la première neige sur le bout des pétales!


I tried to save the last roses from the garden in the milk bottle, but the frost got them first and they don't look so good....


Have a nice weekend - first weekend of Advent - Happy decorating time!


Little White House xxx
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23 novembre 2010 2 23 /11 /novembre /2010 20:49

I've been so very busy for the last two weeks that I had no time for new posts... and also I had nothing new to show. I was so very disappointed  not to be able to be part of all those wonderful blogparties that I love (but I did read everybody's posts eventhough I didn't participate!).

I don't know how to organise a party yet, but when I do I want to create a "real life"/"not picture perfect" party. I mean, how often do our houses really look the way they do on pictures posted on decorating blogs??? Mine never does...

For example, a window sill should be neat and pretty with flowers in a vase, something like a collection of objects you love... That's in my dream cottage. In real life, my window sill looked like this last week:


This was the only way I found to mark/grade papers while still enjoying the rainy garden... I was so late for handing back those papers, I couldn't delay anymore and it kept me working all weekend. As usual, I got some feline help. I was wondering if Shadow was trying to look as cute as the cat on the mug?



I only stopped working this weekend for a short moment : I went to nearby town to buy something second hand... I'm thrilled about it, but I don't have a picture yet... So stay tunned... To be continued!



Little White House xxx
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16 novembre 2010 2 16 /11 /novembre /2010 18:11

My mom visited last weekend and brought me some white Christmas roses from her garden.




It's amazing how it looks like the little milkjug is set on a proper coffee table, don't you think? Blog magic! It's an old wood board on two cardboard boxes I kept from the removal... I'm just having a hard time finding a coffee table that would be right for the room...


I found the collection of old magazines in a "brocante": "Petit Français Illustré" was a magazine for pupils published in the 1890'.


Last glimpse of these beauties:



Have a nice white Wednesday!


I'm linking this post to the White Wednesday Party hosted by the very beautiful blog Faded Charm.



Little White House xxx
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14 novembre 2010 7 14 /11 /novembre /2010 15:51

Whenever the question is asked on a blog, everybody has a different name of a designer to write. Well I don't.

But I have tons of movie or TV-show titles whose sets have inspired me in all the different places I've lived in.

I sometimes watch TV just to analyse the set... And I've recently discovered that I wasn't the only one to do so: visit the site Hooked On Houses and get hooked yourself... Careful, it's addictive!


The very first movie that had that particular effect on me was:

200px-Practical magicposter


I watched it because of Nicole Kidman, but even she wasn't beautiful enough to keep my eyes off the house!!! It was just the perfect atmosphere.  They had me at this scene in the garden:


Both the wooden table and their hats made me stop caring for the story...


Then I really fell in love with this:



The DREAM kitchen...


I must have seen the movie three or four times since and I can never remember the story, the kitchen cabinets, however, I can't forget!!!!

You can watch the kitchen in "motion" here:





It does remind me a lot of the Charmed set, so I guess I wasn't the only one influenced by this movie!


Little White House xxx
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13 novembre 2010 6 13 /11 /novembre /2010 17:19

If you've had a look at the weather button I have on the blog, you know it's been raining for days here... So much for my theory saying that there is at least a ray of sunshine a day here!!! I think it would cheer me up to remember better days, maybe it could also cheer you up.

A few month ago, the sun was out every morning, not lazy as it is now!


This is in memory of my beloved (and authentic) Panama hat, that unfortunately drowned in the sea a few days later. I so blame myself for not teaching it how to swim.

Can you see the medieval castle in the background? This place is just breathtaking, and only an hour away from the Little White House.


I loved the castle as I'm a history buff... But I really adored "Dame Isabelle's Garden". The owners actually still live in the castle (can you imagine living here? Wow!) and Dame Isabelle designed a medieval garden.

This is how it looked at the very beginning of spring:


And in the middle of the summer (taken from the opposite angle):



I'm dreaming of a medieval square garden in my second garden later on and this one was inspiring (the square above is the one with aromatic herbs aka in French as "jardin de simples"). Right now, my garden looks like a jungle, but a gardener is coming to help me in February: we'll remove some of the trees, shrubs and the remains of the very old henhouse, so next year I'll begin a fruit garden. Why waiting February? Because we need to have access to my garden through the field behind the garden and right now something is growing there... The farmer said it would be ok in February... Can't wait.


If you're interested in history, you might want to visit the website: Fort La Latte.

They even have a picture of the huge fireplace inside the Governor's house that you don't get to visit as it is still the home of the owners.


Little White House xxx
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12 novembre 2010 5 12 /11 /novembre /2010 18:56

When it comes to decoration, I'm rather faithful... I've been in love with English cottage style since I was a little girl. My mother and I used to go to a mall not far from the village we then lived in. My mom loved shopping! I didn't, but I always wanted to walk past a shop called "Interior's" where they had English furniture and I used to say: "Later, I will buy my home furniture here!".

When I moved to Paris as I was a student, there was an "Interior's" shop right at the corner of the street I lived in... Unfortunately, everything was too expensive for me! So I bought cheaper furniture from Ikea, trying to keep my cottage style nonetheless.

They have an Internet site if you want to have a look:

5393-logo-interiorsThough, I must say the site doesn't do justice to the shop... And I will keep saying so until they give me my sofa for free (what? one can dream!).


Then I got the chance to move at the seaside last year, I found my new house a few months ago... And I needed to furnish it... But Interior's was still too expensive... Boo hoo...


At the end of the summer, there were lots of  "brocantes" (carboot sales or flea markets, something like that, but a little different, French, quoi!) around here. I went to every one on Sunday mornings, not buying much but stuffing my head with ideas. And then one day, I found this:


I immediately recognise that it was from Interior's and the woman selling it only asked for 40 €. I got it for 35 €!

(The picture was taken only a few days after I moved in the house, meaning that for once there is an actual reason for the mess...)

I waxed the shelves (don't know if the word exists...). I didn't want to paint it as I love the color of English pine wood.

And here it is now, giving some cottage charm to my still-awful kitchen:



It was my very first "Interior's" piece!!! I was so proud when I walked back to my car with it, I felt like telling the people I walked past:  "Have you seen how cute it is?"

It is not the last piece I purchased, though, so there is more to come...


Little White House xxx
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11 novembre 2010 4 11 /11 /novembre /2010 12:09

I like visiting  decorating (cottage style mostly) blogs during my morning coffee break (which happens only on days when I don't work). I am always amazed at all the work people do in their houses every week... I was a bit jealous... I still am, but now I'm only jealous of the wonderful ideas they have and of their great taste... I'm no longer jealous of the pace of their renovations. I'm all alone and I have a job, a job I love by the way, so I don't have much time for my house between September and June... I'll just go my own pace... "Doucement, mais sûrement"!

I'll post about all these inspiring blogs during the winter...


Here is an hymn that  always comes to my mind when hearing/writing/thinking of the words "Welcome Home". Not the best recording, but the only one I could put on the blog...




Here is one of the very little transformations I was able to do before winter.


In front of the front door of the house, there is a tiny veranda that is really typical of the French fifties or maybe forties (I will try to find the date of birth of my house someday). It is really old and people before me didn't show a lot of TLC for this veranda, so it looks a bit sick. I have ideas to change it, but I don't have the money right now, as my money is kept for an other project I will tell you about later on... Still, without changing it yet, I just added a few things to make it more welcoming for my guest and for me when I come back from work every afternoon. Here the before:


On the veranda, the previous owners had put a canopy (or "marquise" in French, it's one of those times when I like the French word better!)... But it was made of plastic (doesn't really show on the picture, does it?)!!! And plastic just doesn't go with my cottage style. I don't know if you notice that awful rug they left me?


Well I removed the "marquise" and the rug.



And after I went shopping:


It just changes the atmosphere, doesn't it?

Then in the town I worked in last year, there used to be a lovely shop where you could have tea and find ideas for your garden (it's now closed, though)... And as I was wandering around one day during lunch break, i found this little bell...


When I took a friend at the end of the summer to visit the medieval town of Dinan, I found an other shop closing with everything on sale, including this:


So here is my front door as it looks now:



On the little heart-shaped chalkboard, I wrote the name of the house on one side and "I'm in the garden" on the other side, so that people know where to find me if I'm not answering when they ring the bell!


It's just an "in between" look, really, as I have more radical projects for it... But, I need time to think things through properly... Right, now, I'm thinking a lot about that picture of Beatrix Potter in front of her house...http://www.mirefoot.co.uk/images/Beatrix_Potter/beatrix_potter_hill_top.jpg

I'd like to have that kind of roofshape on top of my little veranda in the future... One can dream!


Little White House xxx
Even though this isn't really a big transformation, I'm linking this post to transformation Thursday, just for th fun of it! And for some reason I can't undo the bold writing!!!


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1 novembre 2010 1 01 /11 /novembre /2010 14:51



I wanted to transform the upstairs toilets during my Hallowe'en break, but instead I got 3 wonderful friends and a baby at home. It was really great, especially the fact that the baby discovered the sea (and chocolate!) while here!!!

On the plus side, I get more time to think about what I want to do upstairs... Oh, and also, they gave me really cute heartshaped dishes. It was blind luck apparently, as none of them knew I had moved to a "heart phase". (I tend to love things shaped as a heart nowadays).


Here they are, filled with a seafood pie. But, since then, I also baked a great meringue triffle in them. Everything tastes better when heartshaped!!!


So the only new project so far is to get rid of the rope that was in the staircase.





I know, it looks like it took five seconds! Atually it took for ever since a) the rope had about four nails a stair; b) the rope was so dusty, the dust was like glued to the wood underneath and I had to wash it with a toothbrush so I could get to the corners!

Also when my friend's baby was there, I finally understood why the bottom stairs look so much more older than the upstairs ones!!! Generations of babies trying to go up and stopping at the third stair!!!

Later, I would like to repaint the staircase for right now there are three different walls!!! Again harmony is nowhere in the house!!!


Yesterday, I was surprised to see kids come "treat or tricking" the house: I quickly put my witch dress and hat on and it was a lot of fun to wait for them and see their face when they discovered my lighted Jack O'Lantern and black dress!



Little White House xxx
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20 octobre 2010 3 20 /10 /octobre /2010 16:40

I never ever decorated my house for Hallowe'en. But two weekends ago, we had the rainiest Sunday ever, a colleague of mine had talked about the Hallowe'en decoration she wanted her pupils to make, and off I went gathering things that seemed Halloweeny to me. I didn't buy anything special except for the Jack O'lantern... I'm so clumsy I thought I might loose a finger if I tried carving a pumpkin by myself. It's all very small and simple.


The hazelnuts in the small orange bowls are from my garden, the smallest squash (called "potimarron", couldn't find an English name for it) comes from my mother's.


I wish I could have a mantelpiece to ornate, but I don't, so it's in the small porch (on that cupboard I hate and will violently destroy one day) and it's great to look at these fall colors when I come back home.  It's the only time of the year I can bear orange! Still, I had a hard time finding flowers to put in the bucket that didn't look too orange.


As most of the décor is edible, it tends to evolve with time... So here is what it looks like today (some pieces were eaten, some were bought at the local market!)


Do you notice how sunny today is? We are so lucky to have such a nice fall.


I've been very busy lately that's why nothing happened much on the blog... But I might get an extra vacation if the gas shortage still goes on here... At one point I just won't be able to go to work anymore!


Little White House xxx


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6 octobre 2010 3 06 /10 /octobre /2010 12:36

I know corridor is such a long word for such a tiny area of the house... But it's right in front of my bedroom and I couldn't stand to go to sleep waking through this:


Je sais, l'espace est tellement petit qu'il ne mérite pas le nom de couloir! Mais traverser tous les soirs ce mélange d'orange (couleur que j'adore, comme chacun sait...) et de bordeaux... avec des motifs qui ne sont même pas des fleurs (un truc incompréhensible pour moi), je ne pouvais plus! J'ai donc pris mon pinceau, avec d'autant moins d'appréhension, que je veux casser ce petit couloir plus tard... Donc, si je me rate, rien de catastrophique!


So here is what it looks like now:


It was hardwork to get the burgundy to come back to white. The walls are painted a slightly darker shade of white. I really like the light there is in that small space now... And as you notice I still have to do the landing, which is painted with various shades of yellow and orange.


From an other angle, before:               Vu d'un autre angle, avant:




After: Après:



This was my first big painting job: I'm aware that there are many mistakes... But practice makes perfect! It's a good thing I didn't choose the living-room as my first project!


If shades of white inspire you, you might want to have a look at those two blogs.


Si le blanc et ses variantes vous inspire, allez faire un tour sur ces blogs:

beige et blanc 

Dreamy Whites


Did you see how I'm getting better at giving links?


Little White House xxx

PS: This post has been sent to:

transformation-thursday-button2I've been dreaming to do that for a while now, but never dared... Thanks to The Shabby Chic Cottage for being such a great and inspiring blog.

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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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