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7 octobre 2012 7 07 /10 /octobre /2012 21:36

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Do I really need  to tell you that I'm currently working on fairy tales?


I first thought of having a cheval mirror when I saw one there:


J'ai commencé à avoir envie d'une psyché après en avoir vu un ici:




I spotted one on Le Bon Coin (French Craig's List) that was even more beautiful according to me and that was English (double bonus! - boni - just in case you know Latin).


Et peu après, j'en ai repéré un sur Le Bon Coin qui était non seulement joli, mais ausii anglais, que demander de plus? Il y avait même une photo pour preuve!


Here's the tag that is behind and that was pictured on the website.




I checked it out on the National Archives on the Internet and it turned out this company was active between 1889 and 1937. Score!


Là, par curiosité, parce que je suis curieuse et que j'aime bien comprendre les choses, je fais une petite recherche Google et je découvre que la compagnie Inglesants a cessé d'exercer en 1937. Wow! Et qu'en plus, ça a l'air de se vendre assez cher... Par exemple, 695 £ pour ce repose-pieds. Gloups!


For example, I found on this Internet this footstool by the same company:



for 695 £!


And they asked only 60€ for the mirror, which happened to be in the harbour next to my village, a mere ten minutes away from my house!


I convinced my parents to take me (it wouldn't have been possible with my tiny car!)... And bonus (again!), we got to see a beautiful house with a seaview!


Now, here it is, in my bedroom... please ignore the wall paper, heritage from previous owners and the wall lamp (same heritage):




Et le voilà donc dans ma chambre (dont la déco n'est absolument pas la mienne... ne jugez pas, par égard pour les anciens proprios!). Oserais-je vous dire que je l'ai négocié pour 50 €? J'ai presque honte...


Please admire the shell on top of it.




And the handles on the sides...





I have no idea when the bedroom will get a makeover, but item # 1 is purchased! Did I mention I got it for 50€?


Je ne sais pas ce que je fais faire de cette chambre plus tard... J'ai plein d'idées, mais vu que ce n'est pas pour tout de suite, je ne me décide sur rien encore... Mais j'ai déjà le miroir!



So which is better my TV inspiration mirror or the one I found in real life? - It's not that often that it happens that way! -



Magali, through the looking glass xxx


th wowuswedparty

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7 octobre 2012 7 07 /10 /octobre /2012 16:02

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


In case you're wondering, Shadow (my now world's famous cat) is feeling better.


Chat n°1 va mieux, merci à tous ceux qui s'en sont inquiétés... Le vétérinaire prétend qu'il y a un encart spécial dans le journal local sur la santé de mon chat... Enfin, quand il se moque de moi, c'est que le cas est moins grave que lundi dernier, où là, il ne plaisantait pas!


So the mood is lighter, and I thought I could share with you a little tray project I had this year.


Du coup, l'atmosphère est pus légère et je pensais que je pouvais partager avec vous un petit projet plateau.


The first one was a gift for my friend who loves blue and everything nautical.



Le premier était un cadeau pour une amie qui aime le bleu et la mer.


I bought a basic wood tray, but they only were sold three by three in the store I went to.




Mais dans le magasin, les plateaux en bois ne se vendaient que par trois. Du coup, j'ai pensé que puisque ma Maman cherchait un plateau, je pouvais lui en faire un, ambiance Versailles.


So I ended up doing one for my mom, who works on Louis XIV all day long, all week long, all year long... SO I thought a "fleur de lis" would be perfect.




I'm sorry I don't seem to have taken any other picture of this one... It's a plain one on my "outside painting table"!


The last one I used to try my hand at something new.





J'ai utilisé le dernier pour me faire la main sur une nouvelle technique. Ce n'est pas encore parfaitement au point... Mais c'est un bon chemin...





Do you have a favorite?


Magali, from the Little White House xxx


Making The World Cutter



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6 octobre 2012 6 06 /10 /octobre /2012 20:19

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Did you ever have to bring a present to someone you barely knew? I find it very difficult.


Avez-vous déjà dû apporter un cadeau à quelqu'un que vous connaissiez peu? Ce n'est pas ce qu'il y a de plus facile.


As a substitute, I get to meet lots of colleagues every year, but usually I only come and go, it never gets beyond "how are you?" and "don't you think this class is really awful?"


Then last year a colleague invited me to a dinner with some other colleagues. I  was very surprised, but I thought it was really nice of her.


L'an dernier, une collègue m'a invité à dîner. Je ne savais encore pas grand chose d'elle. Certes, un bouquet de fleurs aurait fait l'affaire, mais je trouve que cela ne transmettait pas le "merci" que je voulais qu'elle reçoive.


And then, panic attack. What was I going to bring her? I didn't know her that well. Of course, I coud have brought flowers, as is customary in France. But it didn't really felt like me, nor did it convey the "thank you" I wanted to say.


So I gathered what I knew about her so far: she was a biology teacher and she loved turquoise.


Du coup, j'ai réfléchi: je savais qu'elle était prof de SVT et qu'elle aimait le turquoise. Un peu mince? Et non! ça m'a donné une idée.


So here's the idea I had:




Then I added a little color:




After hesitating for a very long time on the paint colour, I picked that one because it was called "Bébé Baleine" (Baby Whale) and I remembered she loved the sea.


So if ever you have a gift to do to a biology teacher, this is a fun way to give flowers!


Si jamais vous avez un cadeau à faire à un prof de science, ce petit "triflor" a été très facile à faire.




Since then, that colleague has become a close friend and is even my "attic-sale" buddy every Sunday morning...



Magali, from the Little White House xxx



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5 octobre 2012 5 05 /10 /octobre /2012 21:22

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


It's been a crazy week at the Little White House.


Semaine folle à la Petite Maison.


I had bad news about my job. In the next fortnight I must take a decision that's kind of like playing heads or tails... Meaning I could have to move and leave the Little White House... Something I'm really not ready to do, since all the work inside it is unfinished and I really want to see what I could do with the place. So "no pressure" said the man from the administration (French administration... need I say more?). I had on the phone about that decision.




Les nouvelles du rectorat ne sont pas ultra encourageantes... Mes idées d'évolution de carrière se traduisent par une possible redistribution de mon poste sur toute l'académie. Et alors là, je n'ai pas du tout du tout envie de quitter ma Petite Maison avant d'être allée au bout de ce que je pouvais en faire! J'ai demandé un délai de réflexion, ce à quoi le monsieur au téléphone m'a répondu "ça roule"... !?!


I also had a very sick kitty... My own, not the "borrowed" one. Of course a sick kitty means a very worried human... And I discovered I was able to wake up in the middle of the night to nurse said kitty. Maybe I'm not as far from being ready to be a mom as I thought I was... Pretty sure those cats are around to teach me that.



Mon chat a été très malade. Le mien, pas la "pièce rapportée"... Du coup, moi, j'ai parfois oublié de respirer. Mais je suis généralement une bonne soigneuse et je crois qu'il est en bonne voie. En tout cas, le réveil au milieu de la nuit pour s'occuper du petit malade, je gère... Je me demande si cela veut dire que je serai bientôt prête à être maman?


I had to fill in a file for the local townhouse as I'm about to change my windows and one of them is seen from the road, so it needs to be "approved" by a town architect. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will love the new window I draw as much as I do!!!




Enfin, j'ai dû faire un dossier à la mairie car l'une des fenêtres que je veux changer donne sur la rue... Du coup, il me faut une petite approbation... qui a exigé de monter un dossier de plusieurs pages... Le ridicule ne tue pas l'administration française apparamment!


I'm relieved the weekend is ahead of me...


Still, there was one very fun moment this week.

Picture me running late (of course) in the morning, trying to get the sick cat to stay in, the healthy cat not to stay in, picking up my school bag, my very vintage handbag, remembering that grabbing my car key would help, finally opening the veranda door while checking for the hundredth time my watch and aaaaaaarrrggghhh (I've been practising that one by rererewatching Scream this week), here on the doorstep was





I managed to get rid of PRINCE CHARMING and put him back in the garden where he belonged. I arrived rather dishevelled but on time at school.


Il y a quand même eu un événement bien cocasse cette semaine. Imaginez. Un matin. Je suis en retard (bien sûr!), j'essaie de convaincre le chat malade de rester dans la maison, le chat vaillant de rester dans la véranda. Je balance sur une épaule le sac de cours, sur l'autre mon sac-à-main bien vintage, je saisis la poignée de la porte, finalement, je me dis que si je prends mes clefs de voiture, ce sera mieux, je rouvre la porte et là aaaaaaarrrggghhhh (je me suis entraînée sur ce cri en re-re-regardant Scream cette semaine).... Un Prince pas trop charmant m'attendait sur le pas de la porte.

Et oui, Maman j'ai bien pensé l'embrasser, mais après l'avoir bien regardé dans les yeux, je me suis dit que non, ce n'était pas lui, le crapaud de ma vie! Il est donc reparti au jardin dans un carrosse à sa mesure!



Et oui, j'ai réussi à arriver à l'heure tous les jours de la semaine à l'école...


Sweet dreams to you all... I hope you'll dream of your Prince Charming and that maybe his skin isn't as creased as mine!!!


Faites de beaux rêves de votre Prince Charmant à vous, peut-être un peu moins fripé que le mien!


Magali, from a busy Little White House xxx

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23 septembre 2012 7 23 /09 /septembre /2012 20:36

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the "new to me, but actually quite old" pieces we all bring back home...


And you must also know that feeling that sometimes the piece chooses you rather than you choose it.


This is exactly what's been happening lately at the Little White House.


So what do you think I'm going to share with you today?


My "new" cheval mirror? My new Saint-Hubert buffet? My new guéridon (there's a word in English for it?)? My "new" mantel?


Sorry, I was kind of showing off... But, yes, a lot has been happening at the LWH lately...


So that new "piece", here it is:




No, not the chair, the cat!!!


I'm sorry about the mess on the patio... This picture was not taken for blog purpose at first!


He's something new to me, but he's also something old... Right now we're guessing somewhere between 8 and 11 years old... He's also something borrowed, as he's not my cat... I found his owners... I called them. But they told me that given that the cat keeps coming to my house (he's been "appearing" for two years now), they didn't know what to do...


Let me tell you I was a bit surprised when they said so on the phone... I wasn't expecting that at all...




Shadow, my very own cat, wasn't expecting that either... We're trying to adjust... Which basically means that when the cats are together I have to keep an eye on them: Shadow likes to fight!!!


Many people told me it was impossible for two cats that old to get used to each other... But I have faith in time and love, also I'm very patient, which helps a lot!


There's something missing according to tradition... Something blue... So I thought I could show you the pedestal plate I found this morning at an "attic-sale":




Sorry, this not a staged picture at all: the light is crappy as we had the first "autumn-y" weekend of the year... I was just having tea with a friend and thought of taking a picture for my mom to show her my first homemade petits beurres, made with a mold she gave me.




Well, help yourself, since you're here!


Magali, from a very busy Little White House xxx

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24 août 2012 5 24 /08 /août /2012 18:12

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


A few month ago, I bought this corner hutch that was

a) exactly what I had been looking for,

b) quite cheap

c) sold on the Internet by someone who happened to live in the same village as I.




Well, I believe planning too well doesn't always work in decoration.


Il y a quelques mois, j'ai trouvé cette encoignure qui devait meubler ma samme-à-manger. C'était exactement ce que je cherchais... Sauf qu'une fois sur place, elle n'allait pas du tout, mais pas du tout du tout dans l'espace!


The corner cabinet didn't want to be where I had envisioned it. It screamed "not here, not here" every time I passed by it in the dining-room. The proportions just weren't right. (Excuse the light bulb on the picture, the room is still in renovation).




A day my parents were visiting, I just said: "the only room where it would look good would be the bathroom, in the corner next to the shower". I thought they were really going to laugh at me and my stupid idea to have such a piece of furniture in the bathroom!!!


But apparently, they're getting used to my craziness and Mom said "let's try!"


Up it went!




Sorry about that picture... I had forgotten to take a proper "before" picture and you can see the tape and the screwdriver are already out!

By the way, the sponge Bob wall painting was the previous owner piece of art - not mine!


Du coup, elle a atteri dans la salle de bain, dans laquelle ses proportions étaient parfaites... Sa couleur bois acajou foncé et brillant, beaucoup moins...


It fitted the place perfectly... But the dark wood in my bathroom wasn't something I was fond of... And I decided to paint it.


I must confess that for a beginner like me it was a tough job, and at some point I thought I wouldn't be able to make it....


But it was worth all my efforts.


J'ai donc pris mes pinceaux par un jour de beau temps, et...




The patio was transformed in a painting studio for a whole day.




I first painted everything in Old White. But I was a bit disappointed as the top part lacked "depth".


So I added my favourite "Borrowed Light" inside and it transformed it completely.




Rigth before it goes back upstairs... You can see that the mending of the stairs has begun - crazy year I'm telling you!.


And here filled as it was usually filled in the bathroom ("was" because there's been some new addition since):




Elle est toujours remplie de petites trouvailles de brocante... Le bas cache un joyeux bazar de choses "utiles"!!!


The dining-room has changed a little, since the corner cabinet left it... But that's another story.


Thanks for your patience... It's been quite a long story!


Magali, from the Little White House xxx



PS: What the project cost me: 50 € for the hutch, 24€ for the paint + some leftover blue paint... It's under 100€... I'm too lazy to check how much it is in $, but hopefully it'll work for:





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Miss Mustard Seed

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21 août 2012 2 21 /08 /août /2012 21:09

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


I've been busy with small projects all year round... But still my mother did not really trust me with painting.


A few month ago, she brought me this bedside table, telling me "it's in such a dreaful state, you can't do worse"... Feel the motherly trust, here?


Il y a quelque temps ma maman m'a apporté cette vieille table de nuit en me disant que je pouvais en faire ce que je voulais car je ne pourrais pas faire pire...




I'm sorry now that I didn't take a before picture of the back as it  was broken in several places.


Je regrette, comme toujours, de ne pas avoir pris de photo de l'état pitoyable du plateau et surtout des fentes colossales dans le bois au dos...  Le blog était alors en pause et les photos n'avaient donc pas lieu d'être...




I used "wood paste" (I have no idea how it's called) for the first time and was amazed that I was able to fix the back.


J'ai utilisé pour la première fois de la pâte à bois pour le dos du meuble. Magique!




I thought it was worth painting since now it was able to stand on its own.




The inside is painted in a very light blue that I love... but that tends to change depending on the light and it appears quite white in the sunshine... with my very cheap camera.




Maybe this time, my mom will begin to trust me...


paints used: "crème" by Libéron & "borrowed light" by Farrow & Ball


Magali, from the Little White House xxx


Partying at:


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20 août 2012 1 20 /08 /août /2012 20:51

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


It's been a pretty busy summer, but things are slowed down lately by small health problems... both mine and the cat's!!!


On the plus side (they're always one!), being forced to rest and sit down gives me some time to show some of my projects...


La fin de l'été approche déjà... Pleins de projets petits et grands ont été accomplis... D'autres sont restés à l'état de projets - il faut bien en garder pour plus tard et le temps passe si vite!





I want to paint my garden bench and my new gate...


Voici un mini-projet. Cette vieille chaise de jardin m'a permis de tester une peinture à la chaux anglaise qui tient sur tout support sans sous-couche.


The lady who sells Annie Sloan paint in my area told me Annie Sloan paint would hold perfectly outside.




So I thought I'd give it a try on an old garden chair before.


J'adore les touches de blanc dans le jardin car cela ravive les couleurs de la nature.




I love white furniture in a garden ("old white" to be more exact) as I believe it makes all the other colours of the garden more vivid.




As you can see the roses of Sharon are about to bloom... A moment I love at the end of summer.


Par contre, la peinture s'efface par endroit sans s'écailler, ce qui est joli sur la vieille chaise... Mais pour le portail, je vais chercher une autre option!


Now, as for Annie Sloan paint, after a few weeks, it's not really ok... It doesn't chip though (as it says on the tin), so it's beautiful on the old chair, but it might not be a good solution for the gate. Maybe I live too close to the sea. Has any of you used it for the outside? And is Annie OK?



Magali, from the Little White House xxx





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12 août 2012 7 12 /08 /août /2012 19:49

Dears readers,


Chers lecteurs,



If you read the previous post, you know what my dream was for my garden...


Si vous avez lu l'article précédent, vous savez déjà de quoi je rêvais pour mon jardin...


So here I went singing a little tune...


Alors, je me suis mise à fredonner (la pluie, début juillet? Et oui, c'était de ma faute!)...





  And ta-da! Here it is!


Et pouf! Le voilà!




Actually, I first tried my hand at my parents: I bought one for my mom for Mother's day and I saw it was quite easy to make.




Not that the instruction which are vietnamese translanted to Chinese translated to English translated to French were easy to understand...


Les instructions traduites du vietnamiens, vers le chinois, vers l'anglais, vers un français incompréhensible étaient inutilisables... Mais bon, un banc est un banc et avec un peu de logique, cela n'a pas pris longtemps à monter.




But basicaly, I just needed to screw (and by "screw", I mean with a screwdriver) things in the right order so that we could sit on it.




So when sales were on in July I bought one for me.


It's been appreciated by friends...


mao 095


and pets...




So everyone's happy.


I was thinking of paiting it... as in my fantasy, garden benches are white. What do you think?



Magali, from the Little White House xxx



Joining the following parties:





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5 août 2012 7 05 /08 /août /2012 21:23

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). The Fable


There's an item I believe is necessary in a garden.




Il y a un élément que je trouve indispensable à tout jardin.


Manet MadameManetatBellevue


It's really nice to rest and enjoy the flowers after all the hard work needed in the garden.




Il est bien agréable de se reposer dans le jardin après y avoir travailler toute l'après-midi.


10 Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). On a Bench


Magali, from the Little White House xxx



PS: Except if I'm mistaken (and I could be, so please feel free to correct me), the paintings are by:

1. & 2. Berthe Morisot - 3. Edouard Manet - 4. & 5. Berthe Morisot


Linking with:



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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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