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5 août 2012 7 05 /08 /août /2012 21:23

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). The Fable


There's an item I believe is necessary in a garden.




Il y a un élément que je trouve indispensable à tout jardin.


Manet MadameManetatBellevue


It's really nice to rest and enjoy the flowers after all the hard work needed in the garden.




Il est bien agréable de se reposer dans le jardin après y avoir travailler toute l'après-midi.


10 Berthe Morisot (1841-1895). On a Bench


Magali, from the Little White House xxx



PS: Except if I'm mistaken (and I could be, so please feel free to correct me), the paintings are by:

1. & 2. Berthe Morisot - 3. Edouard Manet - 4. & 5. Berthe Morisot


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14 février 2012 2 14 /02 /février /2012 12:34

Dear readers,


Here, in the peninsular part of France where the Little White House is, we're on Winter break. So what do you think I'm doing? Painting? Reorganising the office area? Changing my windows? Doing the laundry? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! I'm fighting a nasty angina. The temperature makes me dizzy and oh, so weak I can barely type...

I wish having a fever was as sexy as when it's only metaphorical...


Et voilà, les vacances sont arrivées, je devais en profiter pour commencer à "dérosir" la chambre d'amis, trouver un super menuisier pour changer mes fenêtres, repasser la tonne de lessive qui attend sagement sur le lit de la dite chambre d'amis, trouver une solution pour le coin bureau... En fait, je suis mise KO par une angine... Je suis toute faiblarde et je souhaiterais qu'avoir de la fièvre soit aussi sexy que dans la célèbre chanson de Peggy Lee, mais là je ressemble plus à une poupée de chiffon en jogging affalée sur le canapé.



Speaking of fever, do you believe an ad for tiles can be hot? Well, look what I found when researching stone tiles...


Justement, en parlant d'attitude sexy, vous auriez pensé à faire une pub pour du carrelage aussi sexy, vous?




Well, ladies and gentlemen, you can keep your wig on...


Je ne sais plus ce qui m'a attirée le plus lorsque j'ai vu cette pub: les perruques ou le carrelage... (comment ça, ne me dites pas que je suis la seule à trouver les perruques sexy?)


Just imagine if the brand sold bathtubs, what the ad would look like...


Funnily enough, these was on of my floor ideas when remodelling the Little White House... More on that when I can think straight...


If you want to have a look at wonderful stone tiles, you can hop on lapidica's site... But if the tiles are all gorgeous, they didn't come up with clever ads for each pattern!




Magali, from the Little White House xxx







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6 février 2012 1 06 /02 /février /2012 21:14

Hello there,


We are experiencing some mild cold here... I consider myself lucky as it seems Brittany is the only "warm pocket" in the whole Europe, warm being a generous word for our 2°C!


Bon, d'après ce que j'ai compris, je ne dois pas me plaindre puisque la Bretagne est, une fois n'est pas coutume, l'endroit le plus "chaud" du moment avec ses 2°C!


Still, I kind of spent the weekend curled up on my not-so-comfortable-but-to-be-changed-in-a-not-so-near-future sofa (we're not afraid of long names, are we?), catching up on some late (ok, very late) episodes from The Vampire Diaries... A hot guy or two (or three or four) couldn't hurt with that cold wind outside.


Enfin, d'après moi, cela reste trop froid pour jardiner ou courir les brocantes et j'ai donc passé une partie du weekend à corriger mes copies rattrapper mon retard dans mes séries préférées.


And I couldn't help but notice some more set gorgeousness...


Et je pense que vous ne pouvez pas continuer à vivre sans observer cet adorable salon qui apparaît dans l'épisode "Mascarade" de The Vampire Diaries. Si vous préférez lire en musique, le clip suivant est celui de la chanson qui apparaît dans l'épisode...


If you want to really be in the mood, this is the song that's played in the episode "Masquerade":




Most people who watched this episode probably wondered "Is Elena/Katherine/Bonnie... (insert here name of any character) going to die?"


I really didn't understand what was happening to the characters as I kept pausing the video, drooling over the Lockwoods Mansion...


Today, just for you, are some pictures of the upstairs sitting-room that gets trashed in yet an other life or death situation....


207 Masquerade


Somehow the "atmosphere" of the room seemed peaceful to me... until everyone tried to kill each other, that is. I loved the "withered" colours.


J'ai adoré l'atmosphère sereine qui se dégage de cette pièce aux couleurs fanées... Enfin, les personnages, eux, se battent, mais c'est un détail...




The wall paper is the very first thing that caught my eye, as it looks very beginning of the 19th century to me. Here's a close-up:




Wait! Who staked the wall-paper? Anyway, you missed the heart.

I love the sea-on-a-stormy-day colour.


Quelqu'un a abimé ce papier peint délicieusement vintage...


Have you noticed the transom? I have a thing for transoms, so I did...


Cela fait un moment que les impostes vitrés au dessus des portes me travaillent... Je sens que cela va apparaître un jour ou l'autre dans ma maison.


On the right armchair, there's a beige and red cushion that keeps the colour-theme going.





The red sofa is the perfect touch of colour. I love that it's not too bright and therefore keeps the atmosphere of the room serene (excpet for those people fighting...). Huh... Did someone slew the coffee table? Well, it wasn't the best feature of the room...


The three-drawer side--table is adorable, wish I had a close-up on the drawers... I wonder how the lamp is lighted as there is no wire that I can see...




Katherine, sweety, there's a line between high heels and too-high heels... You just crossed that line. Nice ponpons on your cushions, Mrs Lockwood.




Katherine collapsed so we could see the carpet, that she stained in the most dreadful way. Still, we can appreciate how the carpet goes with the unity of the room: grey-blue, beige and some red highlights....I seriously wonder if the red highlights were brought to this room just to match Katherine's lipstick.... I don't recall the room from any previous episode... And I bet the people on this show are just crazy enough to have done that... Her eye shadow also matches the carpet... Perfection or ultimate craziness of TVD crew?


Alors, là, j'en perds mon latin (et ce n'est vraiment pas le moment), mais le tapis (merci à Katherine de s'être bien écroulée dessus) reprend à la fois les teintes de toute la pièce (couleur mer enragée, beige et pointes de rouge) mais en plus cela correspond d'une part à la couleur de son rouge à lèvre et de son ombre à paupière (si je vous jure sur ma grande photo, c'est pile poil ça)...




They also managed to stain the hardwood floor... This is going to need some major sanding now... Does whisky stain? I don't drink enough to know....


Mrs Lockwood never complained about the mess of the room... Maybe she just wanted to redecorate it anyway...


If you want to see the kitchen set of the same TV show, it's equally gorgeous and it's here.




Magali, from the Little White House xxx



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11 mars 2011 5 11 /03 /mars /2011 16:51

Hi everyone stopping by!


Bonjour à tous ceux qui tombent sur le blog!


I have the most unusual way to watch TV and it's bugging everyone around me... But I can't help it! I watch TV for the sets as much as for the actual shows. Do you think there's a cure for that?



Quand je regarde la télé, je regarde autant (si ce n'est plus) le décor que les acteurs... Je ne sais pas s'il existe un remède à ça car maintenant que j'ai commencé, je ne peux plus m'arrêter.


So here's my latest addiction. Maybe because my mum had me redo her kitchen on the Ikea planner this week, it has to do with a kitchen...


Donc, voici ma dernière lubie...


If you're not watching The Vampire Diaries for THE eyes:


Si vous ne regardez pas encore The Vampire Diaries pour cet oeil-là:


208 Rose Damon's eye


Then you should be watching it for this:


Alors, vous devriez regarder pour cette cuisine!




I love their white kitchen! I also love the wood counter. I don't dislike the cook, either . I know, he has such a nice back... But could you please concentrate on the kitchen? I like that it looks like a normal kitchen with lots of things on the counter, so I can picture myself in it.


Le cuisinier n'est pas mal non plus, mais voulez-vous bien rester concentrés sur le décor? Ce que j'adore dans les décors, c'est que cela a l'air plus réel que dans les magazines déco: il y a un gentil bazar sur le plan de travail... Et tout de suite, je m'imagine dans cette cuisine!



102 305


They managed to put a big bookcase in the dining area, which is an idea I really find inspiring.


Ils ont même réussi à caser une bibliothèque dans le coin salle-à-manger... Ils l'ont vraiment créé pour moi ce décor!


103 0531


The dining area: I like the mismatched chairs and hate their tablecloth. I bet the bad mood they seem in on this picture has to do with that tablecloth... They have a china cabinet on the right.


J'aime le mélange de chaises dans leur salle-à-manger... Mais cette nappe, quelle horreur! Les acteurs n'ont pas l'air emballés non plus!


Better view of the china cabinet:


Le vaisselier :





Some nice open shelves:


Des étagères ouvertes bien sympas:



dtvd-105 0119



I do hope they have fired who ever suggested those curtains because I really think they kill the look:




Pourvu qu'ils aient viré celui qui a suggéré de mettre ces rideaux affreux! Cela gâche un peu tout!


The kitchen island has some shelves where I would have put my cooking books, but they didn't think of it:




If you had asked me a few episodes ago what I thought of white tiles in a white kitchen. I would have "phewed" you: "too much white kills the white" (or so says French people)...


Il y a quelques épisodes, si l'on m'avait demandé mon avis sur l'utilisation de carrelage blanc dans une cuisine blanche, j'aurai pouffé et affirmé: "trop de blanc tue le blanc"...





But now I think I was just a fool and have been proved wrong.


Eh bien, comme quoi il faut garder l'esprit ouvert, car je trouve ça très agréable à l'oeil dans cette cuisine...



This one above is just a treat for me as the combinations of whites on the ceiling, moulding and walls just make my heart miss a beat.


Cette dernière photo, juste pour mon petit plaisir personnel car cette alliance de différentes teintes de blancs sur le plafond, les murs et les moulures me fait juste fondre.


So, forget decoration shows, watch The Vampire Diaries! On the plus side, the actors are cute!


Conclusion: oubliez Valérie Damidot, regardez The Vampire Diaries (cela passe sur TF1 le samedi après-midi, je suis sympa, je vous ai choisi une série qui passe en France!)... En plus, les acteurs sont bien plus beaux que Valérie Damidot!



All pictures are from a website called "Devoted To The Vampire Diaries" where I spent hours trying to find screencaptures where the set was more visible than the actors!!!





Little White House xxx



I'm joining Sarah at Modern Country Style for her Party:




As well as:


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14 février 2011 1 14 /02 /février /2011 17:43



Bonjour à tous!



First, I'd like to thank all the people who left very nice comments about my garden: I felt like it was Christmas again when I read them! So please, make my day, leave comments again!!!



As a very young teacher I had a job in a very difficult Parisian suburb. If you've seen the BBC documentary that was shot in Montfermeil after the 2005 winter riots, well that's the town I was working in. Not every day was a bad day: there were also good times with the pupils, but on the whole it was rather stressful and the area was always on the verge of violence. I spent the first days crying and then I thought, "So this is your life for now, so make the best of it: when life gives you lemons...". I looked for a place to live in and decided to transform it into my heaven.


Comme tous les jeunes profs, j'ai commencé ma carrière dans un collège très difficile de la région parisienne. J'ai commencé par pleurer pendant plusieurs jours, puis je me suis dit qu'il fallait faire avec et je me suis mis à chercher un appart pour en faire une petit nid douillet.


Did I say heaven? Well, when I first visited, it looked like that:


Douillet? Eh bien, en fait, au départ, cela ressemblait à ça:


Very old grey carpet, yellowish walls... My mother told me later she thought I was crazy...


Before Living room 2


My idea was to make something very peaceful with pink accents as I love pink and it seemed to me the prefect way to balance the violence I had to face every day. My home had to be the exact opposite of what I had at work.


Mon idée a été très vite d'en faire un univers très "bonbonnière", féminin et un peu "petite fille qui rêve" pour contrer la violence à laquelle je devais faire face tous les jours: je voulais que mon chez-moi soit l'inverse de l'univers du boulot.




Again, sorry it's not a real "after" picture with everything clean and in order as it never occured to me this would be useful. This picture was taken right before I moved out of the flat (you can see boxes on the left and on the shelves), because suddenly when I realised I was moving I wanted to have pictures of the place. The main room was a living-room/dining-room/home office! For some reason, the chairs seemed to have disapear, I don't remember why!


Ce ne sont pas de belles photos où tout est impeccable car à l'époque cela ne m'a pas traversé l'esprit. On voit déjà des cartons partout: j'ai pris les photos juste avant le déménagement pour avoir des souvenirs.




I used the shelf above the heater to do "mantel decorations". I think the paper on the table is the paper I had signed when I sold the flat, hence the picture frenzy of that day.


The main room was a pale beige but the "hall" and "corridor" (they were so small they barely deserve these names) were "vieux rose", meaning a dark faded pink to match the curtains... I couldn't find a nice picture to show you the colour, but there's this picture of Shadow playing hide and seek, where you can see a glimpse of the corridor and of the bathroom...


La pièce principale (salon/salle-à-manger/bureau) était beige et l'entrée et le couloir étaient vieux rose... Evidemment, je n'en ai pas pris de photos... Mais il me reste cette photo du chat jouant à cache-cache où l'on aperçoit la couleur du couloir et la salle de bain grise et blanche.




I had changed all the door handles as it was a quick and cheap way to give a little country look to a flat located in a big city!


I don't have a before of the bedroom, but it looked a lot like the living-room: old grey carpet, yellow and blue wallpaper.





I had really wanted that wallpaper, hoping flowers would bring something very girly and non-violent in the room... It was really a nice room to sleep in. The curtains were brought here for the same purpose as they were my curtains at my parents' when I was a child: I had removed them as a teenager ("I'm way over pink", I thought) and suddenly when I had to work far from my family, I had the need to keep something from my childhood.


Les rideaux roses sont un souvenir d'enfance: c'était les rideaux de ma petite enfance. Je m'en étais débarrassé à l'adolescence, pensant avoir passé ma periode rose; mais soudain ils m'ont paru rassurant dans ce monde un peu brutal... Certes, ce n'était pas exactement la bonne teinte de rose...



I think it was exactly the decoration I needed at the time. I still love that shade of faded pink, but now that I live in much more peaceful area, I don't have the same craving for it. Does the place you live influence your decoration as well?


C'était exactement l'univers dont j'avais besoin alors. J'aime toujours les tons de "rose fânée", mais bizarrement, depuis que je vis dans un univers bien plus calme, ce besoin est moins "maladif" qu'il ne l'était à l'époque.


Maybe I would do some things differently but at the time I was only doing things with my "guts": I had never ever opened a decoration magazine, or watch a decoration show on TV, or read a decoration blog! My friends, though, began calling the flat "the Cottage" and thought it had a very special "vibe"... And that's how I started to realise decoration was important to me.


Peut-être que je ferais les choses légèrement différemment. Mais tout avait été fait à l'instinct: je ne savais même pas que des magazines étaient consacrés à la déco et encore moins qu'il existait des blogs!!! Mais c'est sûr, j'avais déjà le virus qui couvait en moi.



In the next episode: the kitchen redo!!!


Dans le prochain episode: la cuisine!!!



Comments, not too mean if possible, would be very much appreciated!



Little White House xxx



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Transformation Thursday At Shabby Chic Cottage

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28 janvier 2011 5 28 /01 /janvier /2011 20:48

Hey wonderful people!

Recently, by some miracle, I've had more and more readers... Meaning more readers than my Mom and myself (lame, I know...) So a big thank you to all of you who spend some of your time with me here. I'm so happy to welcome you in the Little White House.


But I also realise that you've never actually seen any of my remodeling, as nothing has really been done in the house... yet. So make yourself comfortable and read this story about the past...


Je me suis rendue compte que je ne vous avez jamais montré aucune de mes transformations d'intérieur, puisque rien n'a encore été vraiment fait dans la maison.


I rummaged through old pictures and for the very first time managed to digitalised them (does that make sense?). Please be nice with me as I tool no real before/after photos at the time as I had no blog and nobody else than me was interested in that.


J'ai donc farfouillé dans mes archives, tenté de scanner quelques vieilles photos. Et voilà!


Paris travaux


This was my first home redo: my very tiny studio in Paris: a 129 square feet room (seen above) and a 10 square feet kitchen and about the same size for the bathroom. It might seem crazy, but to me it was like a castle and my first remodeling project. There was a sliding door in front of the kitchen which is already removed in the next picture. The floor was an old green carpet.


Ma première réfection était mon tout petit studio parisien: minuscule cuisine peinte en beige un peu pisseux, porte coulissante devant la cuisine et vieille moquette au sol.


Paris Cuisine Travaux


After (again, sorry for the bad quality):


Copie de Studio Paris


This picture was taken from the balcony you can see in the first picture (in the top corner, you can see the yellow curtain I had chosen at the time). I had wanted the studio to be cheerful as Paris seemed rather grey to me.

That little dog at the front is my dear Fanny, RIP.

At the back, you can see my very first kitchen!


La photo a été prise du balcon: on peut voir le rideau jaune que j'avais choisi: j'avais voulu que le studio soit très gai pour compenser le gris parisien (et au désespoir de ma maman, je change de couleur dominante à chaque déménagement...). Un petit clin d'oeil sur cette photo à mon petit chien Fanny.


Paris Cuisine Après


I had added the top cabinets (from Ikea, you may recognize), but couldn't change the bottom one, so I just added the same knob. The walls were repainted white as it was the best way to keep some light in that tiny space. And, believe me or not, I cooked a lot in that kitchen!


J'étais très fière de ma cuisine car, pour petite qu'elle était, c'était ma première et j'y ai fait beaucoup d'essais culinaires. J'avais ajouté les éléments du haut (Ikea) et juste changé la poignée du bas pour unifier un peu...



Dearest readers, can I ask you for one more favour? Could some of you leave a comment? I would be delighted to read your feelings... And to get to know you a little...



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(For some reason, I can't get all the buttons to go where I want them to... Please, don't feel offended if your button is not the first, they just choose to be where they are, who knew they were that stubborn!)

A special warm welcome to those who come from these parties!








Little White House xxx

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28 janvier 2011 5 28 /01 /janvier /2011 20:10

Today I just wanted to thank my pupils. Today was supposed to be my last day as a substitute in one of the two schools I work in. I was surprised to see my pupils arriving in class with letters, chocolate cookies and pink roses (they had asked me a few days ago what my favourite colour was)...


 Aujourd'hui était mon dernier jour avec mes élèves, que je remercie pour ces cadeaux, complètement inattendus:



That was so cute and unexpected! It made my day, I felt like I could fly.


C'était tellement gentil que cela m'a fait pousser des ailes.

Of course, back home, Shadow smelled the roses to check if it was indeed a nice present. Oh, and sorry the cookies are not on the picture: I had to eat them at school and share, I'm sure you understand.


Bien sûr, une fois à la maison, Shadow a tenu à sentir les roses... Les gâteaux au chocolat ne sont pas sur la photo, car à ce moment-là, je les avais déjà mangés!



The fun part is, as I was going down the stairs, arms loaded with their presents, I met the school director who told me : "I just had a phone call from the teacher: she's not coming back on Monday, you stay there until February 25th." Do you think I can expect more roses in a few weeks???


Le plus drôle, c'est que lorsque je suis arivée en salle des professeurs les bras chargés de cadeaux, le principal m'a annoncé que le remplacement était prolongé de trois semaines!



Little White House xxx
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22 janvier 2011 6 22 /01 /janvier /2011 16:40

Stop worrying, nobody was really murdered on my cottage floor, except for a few spiders and some of my calm! It's both very exciting and very stressful to look for a new flooring. Exciting because I love fishing for ideas everywhere: the Internet and your blogs, obviously, the stores and TV (I actually watch TV only to check the floors the set designers chose!). But stressful, as I won't change the floors every summer, so the choice must be something I will still like in years.


Ne paniquez pas, personne n'a été réellement tué sur le sol de ma maison, à part quelques araignées et une partie de mon calme! C'est à la fois excitant et flippant de devoir choisir un nouveau sol. Excitant parce que j'adore partir à la pêche aux idées sur vos blogs, évidemment, dans les magasins et à la télé (je ne regarde films et séries que pour voir quel sol ont choisi les décorateurs). Mais aussi stressant parce que je ne changerai pas le sol tous les étés, alors faut pas se planter.


Here are some ideas I had at the beginning.


Plan A


dining-room terracotta htoh



Terracotta was my first idea as most people I know (my uncle for instance) made that choice in their old houses. It exist in all kind of sizes and my preference would go for squares slightly smaller than the ones above.


La terre cuite est la première chose qui m'est venue à l'esprit car c'est ce qu'avait choisi mon oncle pour refaire sa vieille maison en Ardèche.


terracotta htoh


There are two problems with terracotta, according to "what-I-want-to-do-with-my-cottage": first, it gives a South-of-France look ; second, it gives a first note of color to the house that's definitely too reddish for me and won't allow me to have all the freedom I want in the room later...


Mais la terre cuite me pose deux problèmes: d'abord cela donne une tonalité trop sud de la France à mon goût, ensuite sa teinte rouge risque de me bloquer dans ma future déco.



Plan B




Slate is very popular around here as it used to be extracted in the region and it combines a traditional look and a modern look when it's polished. It does look cottage-y enough in that above picture, doesn't it?


L'ardoise est la grande mode par ici, puisqu'autrefois elle était extraite dans la région (il ne reste plus qu'un lieu d'extraction à ma connaissance). Cela combine à la fois un aspect traditionnel et moderne, surtout lorsqu'elle est polie comme ci-dessus. Cela reste très "cottage" car la teinte sombre donne un côté chaleureux.


slate 2 htoh


It also looks great with a white kitchen, which is probably were I'm heading towards later. I like the unevenness (is that a word?) of this one.

Side note for my "Little Mam" who's also remodeling her kitchen: Maman, as-tu remarqué le carrelage vert pâle au dessus du plan de travail?


Cela rend bien avec une cuisine blanche, ce qui est probablement ce que je vais vouloir plus tard. J'aime bien l'aspect irrégulier de cette ardoise.


Slate has lots of qualities... It probably won't be my choice, though. I'm really afraid it will darken the rooms as I have small old windows, which I intend to keep, as to me they are part of the atmosphere of the house.


L'ardoise a plein de qualités... Mais je ne pense pas m'arrêter au plan B. En effet, j'ai un peu peur que l'ardoise assombrisse mes pièces qui ont des toutes petites fenêtres, que j'entends garder, car elles participent au charme de la maison.



Plan C






Stone. I love this picture (I don't remember where I found this one) as it's in a white kitchen. On the plus side: it's stone, ergo natural, it doesn't darken the room, the colour isn't even.  On the down side: I checked in stores and it's very expensive.


La pierre. J'adore cette photo car, encore une fois, il s'agit d'une cuisine blanche. Côté positif: c'est de la pierre, donc c'est naturel, cela n'assombrit pas la pièce et la couleur n'est pas uniforme. Côté négatif, c'est très, très cher.


Plan D





There are some awsome fake-stone tiles in some stores (as well as awful ones in other stores)...


Mais il y a de superbes imitations dans certains magasins... et de très moches dans d'autres...


stone floor htoh


It's still more expensive than regular tiling, especially if you want the colours to be slightly uneven, but easier and cheaper than real stone... So I think I might stop at plan D (I know, you're all relieved!).


Cela reste plus cher que du carrelage uniforme (plus il y a de moules pour faire les carreaux, plus c'est cher), mais c'est plus facile à poser et plus abordable que de la vraie pierre... Et je vais donc peut-être m'arrêter au plan D (et oui, j'entends votre soupir de soulagement!).


stone floor 3 htoh


All these inspiring pictures (except for the one real stone flooring one and the one with the veranda-looking ceiling) are from the awsome site House to Home.


Toutes ces photos qui forment la base de mon inspiration actuelle (à l'exception de deux dont l'origine s'est perdue quelque part dans ma mémoire) sont tirées du site: House to Home.


That's all... until I have an idea for a Plan E!!!


Voilà! C'est tout, jusqu'à ce que le plan E germe dans ma tête, du moins!


Thanks for your comments in previous posts: they make me happy and give me new ideas...


Merci pour vos comentaires dans les articles précédents: cela me fait plaisir et cela me donne de nouvelles idées...

  I'm linking this post to the alwasy-crowded-with-good ideas "Weekend Wrap Up Party" at Tatertots and Jello. Please clic on the button to check everybody else's wondeful ideas.

978446890 7b2ZN-O


Little White House xxx

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15 janvier 2011 6 15 /01 /janvier /2011 17:26

You might have noticed in previous pictures that my downstairs floor is very colourful, just like everything else in the Little White House.You might remember it was the same upstairs.


Peut-être avez-vous remarqué sur les photos le côté Arlequin du sol du rez-de-chaussée?




In the living-rooom, there is a white tiling that reminds me of the vet's waiting-room. On the left is the dining-room with a reddish tiling. It's supposed to be a fake terracotta, but every tile has the same fake flaw at the exact same place, so it just screams "FAKE!". On the right is the kitchen with an orange-y tiling.


Dans le salon, il y a un carrelage blanc, très salle d'attente du vétérinaire. Dans la salle-à-manger, un carrelage rouge imitation terre cuite et dans la cuisine un carrelage qui imite des petits pavés orangés.


I knew from the day I first visited the house I would have to do something about the floor. That's partly why I haven't painted anything downstairs yet. How could I choose a wall colour when I already have so many colours?


Je savais depuis ma première visite de la maison que je voudrais harmoniser ça. C'est d'ailleurs la raison pour laquelle je ne choisis pas encore la couleur des murs. Après avoir rencontré un certain nombre d'entrepreneurs, le rendez-vous est pris pour le mois de juillet. J'ai hate!!!



It took quite a while to meet somebody who would do the work for me as I'm NOT retiling by myself. I met people who called them profesionnal, but hello? they didn't seem to know a lot... But after explaining I don't know how many times what I wanted, everything is scheduled for July... It will be a mess, but I can't wait!


Now I have to choose the new flooring...


L'heure du choix a donc sonné.


#1. I want the same floor in all three rooms, for obvious budget reasons, but also because that's what I did in my previous home and I thought it allowed me more freedom to decorate the rooms afterwards.


Idée 1. Je veux le même sol dans les trois pièces. Je trouve que cela donne ensuite plus de liberté de faire ce que l'on veut dans chaque pièce.


#2. Even if a lot of my ideas come from the TV show Charmed, I do not want their linoleum kitchen floor.


Idée 2. Même si je pique beaucoup d'idées à Charmed, je ne veux absolument pas de ce linoleum beige!




Still love everything else in this kitchen...


#3. I LOVE hardwood floor that can be seen in most cottage style houses.


Idée 3. J'adore le parquet, si typique des cottages anglais.


BH0604-52 e 9c53654d7f7c9c72667efde1daba6b35





But I had to rule it out. The house opens directly on the garden and the cat and I are constantly going in and out, not often wiping our paws (and when I write "ours"...).


Mais si cela fait un fabuleux décor, j'ai dû renoncer à cette idée, car la maison ouvrant directement sur le jardin et le chat et moi-même passant notre temps à entrer et sortir sans essuyer nos pattes, c'était "JUSTE PAS POSSIBLE"!


#4. I was very sad not to go for hardwood floor at first, until I watched The Holiday, where Iris has the most perfect English cottage, with (if you watch close enough) no hardwood floor!



Idée 4. J'étais extrêmement déçue d'abandonner le parquet, jusqu'à ce que je vois le film The Holiday, dans lequel le petit cottage d'Iris n'est pas parqueté! Ouf! 



I'll write about the different ideas I have for the tiling in a next post.


Mes idées sur le futur carrelage seront dans un prochain post. Mais je serais ravie de savoir ce que vous avez sur votre sol et comment vous avez fait votre choix.



I'll be happy to hear about what's on your floor and what choices you made.


Little White House xxx

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14 novembre 2010 7 14 /11 /novembre /2010 15:51

Whenever the question is asked on a blog, everybody has a different name of a designer to write. Well I don't.

But I have tons of movie or TV-show titles whose sets have inspired me in all the different places I've lived in.

I sometimes watch TV just to analyse the set... And I've recently discovered that I wasn't the only one to do so: visit the site Hooked On Houses and get hooked yourself... Careful, it's addictive!


The very first movie that had that particular effect on me was:

200px-Practical magicposter


I watched it because of Nicole Kidman, but even she wasn't beautiful enough to keep my eyes off the house!!! It was just the perfect atmosphere.  They had me at this scene in the garden:


Both the wooden table and their hats made me stop caring for the story...


Then I really fell in love with this:



The DREAM kitchen...


I must have seen the movie three or four times since and I can never remember the story, the kitchen cabinets, however, I can't forget!!!!

You can watch the kitchen in "motion" here:





It does remind me a lot of the Charmed set, so I guess I wasn't the only one influenced by this movie!


Little White House xxx
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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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