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28 juin 2011 2 28 /06 /juin /2011 21:03

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


I'm so very late for Sarah's party. It's a pity since I loved the idea of a "kitchen favourites" party and I took pictures as soon as she suggested it.

But then, well, life happened...


For the third summer in a row, I'm putting my whole house in boxes in order to be ready for the first phase of the remodeling that begins next week... My whole body aches from going up the stairs with all my stuff... Why do I own more books than the National Library? Sorry I can't be witty, can't probably write any good English, or even French, because I'm so tired...


Pour la troisième année consécutive, je mets ma maison en cartons, cette fois pour préparer les travaux de l'été.


My kitchen is an awful mess. Not "awfuler" than the rest of the house, just the average awful.

Here it is the day I "met" it.


Ma cuisine est une catastrophe. Voilà à quoi elle ressemblait quand je l'ai visitée.




Somehow, call me crazy, I could see potential in this room! But to allow this room to reveal its potential, I need time and money...


Moi, j'y voyais du potentiel...


So rather than being completely depressed by this room for a few years, I decided to add small beauty spots in my kitchen.


Plutôt que de déprimer, j'ai essayé d'arranger les choses par petites touches en attendant...




First, I put a little curtain under the sink... It doesn't hide the stains in the sink, but it's a little better, isn't it?

You can see I took that picture right after moving in as the table is still a mess... and the fish are still on the backsplash (they aren't anymore!)




My favourite open shelf, bought in an "attic-sale", to show off my white china... And yes, I shamelessly put ot on the awful built-in buffet the previous owners made.




Some of the many mugs I brought back from England... They just look so out of place in the weird yellow and orange kitchen!


Mes mugs ramenés au fur et à mesure de mes voyages en Angleterre. Ils ont juste l'air un peu perdu au milieu de la déco actuelle.




Little beauties I bought second hand.


Des petits trésors trouvés dans des brocantes.




Mint, ready for the evening herbal tea.




Some of my cooking books...


Ma "petite" collection de livres de cuisine.


So this how I tried to have a not-too-bad kitchen for a year. And I was really happy with it, all year long, because it would have been useless to complain about it all the time!


I will have to create other beauty spots for next year, as the remodel that's going to take place next week is only phase one... Meaning, still no proper kitchen!


Magali, from the Little White House


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13 juin 2011 1 13 /06 /juin /2011 20:57

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,



The Little White House is about to get its first phase of remodeling in less than a month and I'm both excited and worried.

I already told you about my hesitations with the new floor and my hesitations about the opening I wanted between the kitchen and the dining-room. Those are almost settled, but I won't tell you anything before it's done.


La prochaine transformation de la Petite maison, c'est ce plafond.




So do you think my mind is finally resting? No way! Here's my new problem. The living-room ceiling. Can you imagine anything less cotage-y than that? I hope you didn't miss how perfectly it's been painted!!! I'm wondering if they tried holding the brush with their teeth... There must be an explanation for that mess!


It's actually a fake ceiling hiding the beams that show in the kitchen and in the dining-room.


C'est en fait un faux plafond qui cache les poutres visibles dans la cuisine et la salle-à-manger.





So what am I going to do with those beams in the living-room, once the fake ceiling is gone?


Que faire de ces poutres quand le faux plafond aura sauté?


country cottage LR hth


Dark beams?


barn-style-living-room2 hth


Raw wood?


library1 hth


A mix of raw wood and white?

I love the bookshelves covering a whole wall.


Paula Grace Designs


All white?


Lately, my mind is rather set on white as I love how it looks in the dining-room, it's actually the only thing I don't hate in the dining-room! Also, it has a beachy feel, that could go well in a house located a few minutes from the sea.


Mon cerveau est plutôt bloqué sur le blanc pour l'instant. Et vous, qu'en pensez-vous?


What would you do?






Magali, from The Little White House




PS: All inspiration pictures are from the site House to Home, except for the last one, found on Paula Grace Designs.


Tuesday's Treasure - Uncommon Slice Suburbiagood-life-wednesday-a-beach-cottage2

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21 mai 2011 6 21 /05 /mai /2011 14:47

Dear readers,


Chers Lecteurs,


I've been moving a lot lately and the Little White House, as tiny as it is, is the biggest place I've ever lived in, which does mean a lot of furniture shortage and a lot of light fixture shortage.


La Petite Maison, pour petite qu'elle est, est la plus grande dans laquelle j'ai vécu. Du coup, elle manque de meuble, et surtout il y a un sérieux déficit en lampe.




Here's the current very chic light bulb in the dining-room, or when shabby goes too shabby! I've always dreamed to have a nice chandelier over my table. It was somehow impossible in my previous home as the light was in the middle of the main room, whereas the table was off-centered.


J'ai donc un design très sobre d'ampoules qui pendent dans toutes les pièces.


I did have a nice chandelier, though, but removers lost it. How can you loose a chandelier? I still wonder, but after sending them countless letters, I've understood, I just didn't have a chandelier anymore (hence, the lightb bulb issue!).


J'ai toujours rêvé d'avoir un beau chandelier au dessus de ma table. Seulement, celui que je possédais a été perdu au cours d'un des déménagements.


Last Christmas break, I found a chandelier in my grandmother's attic (she didn't even remember it was there). It was the perfect size: only three lights, so not too big for my very small dining-room.


A Noël dernier, j'en ai trouvé un dans le grenier de ma grand-mère. Il avait la taille idéale à mon goût: trois ampoules, suffisamment petit pour ne pas écraser ma toute petite pièce.




Here it is, all mummyfied by my grandfather ! I had to show you how well he took care of it, as it is kind of his trademark.


Je vous le montre tout momifié par mon grand-père, car c'était sa spécialité de bien conserver les affaires!




As you can see, it's a shiny brass.


Le petit problème, c'est son côté bien doré, qui ne m'enchante pas beaucoup.


So I was torn between really wanting to have a souvenir of grandfather hanging in my dining-room (he was an electrician and this chandelier is probably one he kept from his shop before selling it when it was time for him to retire) and not really wanting a shiny thing above my table.




Then I remembered reading lots of posts on how people had painted their chandelier. I didn't know if I would be able to do it, but nearly everyone I asked questions to in the comments were kind enough to answer me.


The key seemed to use spray paint. So off I went in my little car to my favourite Leroy Merlin (DIY store) and I checked the spray paint section. But there was nothing solvant free! There was no way I could buy that.


Sur les blogs, tout le monde recommande la peinture en spray pour les chandeliers. Mais la peinture en spray est vraiment pleine de solvants et j'ai donc renoncé à en acheter.




So I decided to go the hard and traditional way, with the old paint brush and solvant-free paint.


I didn't want to ruin a family heirloom though. So I tried my hand on a little wall light that was in my parents' garage.


J'avais quand même un peu peur de ruiner le pauvre chandelier en y allant avec mon pot de peinture et mon pinceau. J'ai donc décidé de faire un essai sur une petite applique dénichée dans le garage de mes parents.




Granted, it was a work of pateince to paint the little details. But it was worth it!


Cela m'a sûrement demandé plus de patience pour faire les petits détails au pinceau, mais je trouve que cela valait le coup!




The shade is actually straight, even if it doesn't seem so on the pictures! It's just that I needed to hang it somewhere for the pictures, and the only place I could find was that nail I have in the bathroom and it's a little close to the roof!




I think it went OK. So, next summer, I will paint the chandelier. Wish me luck! And, if you have any advice, I'm all ears!


Me voilà donc prête à affronter le chandelier cet été. Je suis preneuse de tous vos bons conseils!



Magali, from the Little White House




I'm linking with the parties that allowed me to find ideas for that wall light and gave me the guts to try (thanks a lot):

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Feathered Nest Friday

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2 mai 2011 1 02 /05 /mai /2011 17:50

So the very famous in France Stéphane Bern said we would all remember what we were doing when the Royal Wedding (it does deserve capital letters, doesn't it?) took place. My family and I sure do! It was an exhausting day!


Royal Wedding


Stéphane Bern prétend que tout le monde se souviendra de ce que l'on faisait lors du mariage de William et Kate. Il y a des chances que cela soit vrai pour mes parents et moi.




So let's rewind a little to a few days before.


Revenons un peu en arrière.




La, la, la... My phone is ringing with its specific tune telling me it's my parents calling.

My father: "We're coming to help you with your house next Friday!"

Me: "No way! I'm watching the wedding!"

My father: "The what?"

Me: "The Royal Wedding!" (Was he living on an other planet?)

My father: "..." (Silence meaning "my daughter has really lost it".)

Me: "Ok, come, but the TV will be on."


Drelin, drelin... Mon téléphone sonne de sa petite musique qui indique que ce sont mes parents qui appellent.

Mon père: "On vient t'aider vendredi prochain!"

Moi: "Non! C'est le mariage!"

Mon père: "Le quoi?"

Moi: "Le mariage royal" (Mais il vit sur une autre planète ou quoi?)

Mon père: "..." (Silence qui indique qu'il pense que j'ai complètement perdu la tête)

Moi: "Bon, venez, mais la télé sera allumée."




I guess my parents were a bit surprised that I wanted to watch the wedding as I'm not the most romantic person in the world (understatement).


Je crois que mes parents étaient un peu surpris que je veuille regarder cette retransmission, car le moins que l'on puisse dire est que je ne suis pas très romantique.




But some time before the wedding all the English genes in me woke up. Also, the history buff thought that she would give anything to witness Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII's secret wedding, so I couldn't miss this one.


Mais quelques jours avant le mariage, l'Anglaise en moi s'est réveillée. Et puis, ma passion pour l'histoire m'a fait dire que je donnerais n'importe quoi pour voir l'un des mariages d'Henry VIII et que je ne pouvais donc pas manquer celui-là.




Actually it was lovely that my parents were there as my mother and I could cry together, while my father disaproved with his famous glare, which made it a fabulous family moment!


En fait, c'était génial que mes parents soient là: ma maman et moi avons pu essuyer notre larme ensemble sous le regard désaprobateur de mon père. Un vrai moment familial, quoi!





As every woman in the world, I guess, I was a bit jaleous, but not of her dress (gorgeous pleats, though, one of the first train I ever saw that is not a mess every time the bride moves), or of the Royal family, or of the fairy tale ceremony, but of the couple's obvious bond (which shows in that picture I chose above).


In case you didn't understand, my parents and I dewall-papered (unwall-papered? - I guess my knowledge of English stops at that kind of words!) the dining-room. My dad is just a pro at that!


Pour ceux qui n'avaient pas compris, nous avons passé la journée, un oeil sur la télé, à enlever le papier peint de la salle-à-manger! Mon papa est juste trop fort à ce jeu-là.


I asked Kate to wave goodbye to you for me, and she was kind enough to do it.







Magali, from the Little White House




PS: For those who are wondering the dining-room is not finished, this was just phase 1... Phase 2 if Kate gets pregnant!!! Seriously, the Little White House is facing a truly awful issue... I'll tell you all in a next post.

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12 avril 2011 2 12 /04 /avril /2011 20:07



First thing, I'd like to calm your alarm: I didn't witness my neighbour getting killed!


Pour ceux qui sont déjà perdus, "Rear Window" est le titre anglais du film "Fenêtre sur cour".


rear window 2


You might remember that post that said I mostly watch movies and shows for the set. It's not always true! I sometimes watch them for the costumes. I mean that black dress looks amazing! It probably helps that it's Grace wearing it (yes, we are on first name basis!)


Vous vous souvenez peut-être de cet article dans lequel je disais ne regarder films et séries que pour les décors... Ce n'est pas entièrement vrai. Parfois, je regarde pour la garde-robe, surtout quand Grace joue dans le film...


And look at that! Wow! Notice how her left foot is only on her toes, like she's going to walk to you any second. To me it's so sexy, but in a very elegant way!


Regardez-moi un peu cette robe et la pose élégante, un brin moqueur, de Miss Kelly!




So, why was I talking about my admiration for Grace? I always get side tracked. I'm so sorry if I already lost half my readers at that point...


Euh, mais comment j'en suis venue à parler de mon admiration pour cette actrice? Je suis sûre d'avoir perdu la moitié de mes lecteurs.


Some of you are still here?


Great! I was actually supposed to write a post about my kitchen window, which is at the back of the house... And just got redecorated...




My real herb garden is just beginning, so I can't show you this one yet. But here's the one that's always at the ready for cooking!


Ah! Oui, je voulais vous montrer ma fenêtre... que j'ai transformé en petit jardin aromatique en attendant que le vrai jardin de simples se mette en place.




J'ai acheté des petits seaux tout simples et j'ai réutilisé les petites ardoises achetées l'an dernier au moment des soldes.




I bought some small buckets and reused cute signs I bought last year on sale.





You may notice that the chive and parsley are used a lot more than coriander, which is the only one having time to really get bigger!




Le persil et la ciboulette étant très utilisés, ils n'ont pas le temps de déborder du pot. Pour la coriandre, c'est une autre histoire...



Magali, from the Little White House xxx





I'm going to show off my herb window sill at the following parties:

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Tuesday's Treasure - Uncommon Slice Suburbiath wowuswedparty

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5 avril 2011 2 05 /04 /avril /2011 20:34

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,



Today it's been one year since I first visited the Little White House, one year since I saw that old blue gate with a "to buy" sign next to it, one year since I discovered the kind of heaven that was well hidden from the road...


Last Year

Cela fait aujourd'hui un an que j'ai rencontré pour la première fois ma maison, un an que j'ai aperçu ce petit portail bleu près duquel un signe "A vendre" était accroché, un an que j'ai découvert un petit paradis bien caché des regards.


I tried to simplify the blog design for this "anniversary". I'm completely ignorant about blogging and had kept until now the first design that over-blog offered. I couldn't get the pictures of the banner to be all the same height, for some reason, but after hours of working on it, I feel it's saver for my sanity to believe I didn't really like things to be aligned...


En l'honneur de ce petit anniversaire, j'ai essayé d'épurer le blog. J'avoue être complètement novice en blog et j'avais gardé jusqu'à présent, le premier design que m'avait proposé over-blog lors de la création... Et oui, je sais, les photos de la bannière ne s'alignent pas. J'ignore pourquoi, même après des heures de travail. J'ai préféré me convaincre que je n'aimais pas trop les choses bien alignées plutôt que de détruire rageusement l'ordinateur!





Magali, from the Little White House xxx

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1 mars 2011 2 01 /03 /mars /2011 17:34

Bonjour mes jolies,


(I don't need to translate that now, do I? Everybody understands a compliment!)


So first, if the title just doesn't mean anything, blame Ziva, on NCIS: she's the one who taught me that idiom.


You might remember that I have plans to change my downstair floor next summer. Well, this will also emply to change something with the dining-room wall:


Vous vous souvenez peut-être que je vais refaire le sol du rez-de-chaussée cet été. Du coup, je vais en profiter pour transformer ce mur qui sépare la salle-à-manger de la cuisine:


mur salle à manger


Now, I realise those tulips don't seem to have felt very well the day I took the picture!


On the other side, of course, I'll also say good-bye to the kitchen wall that's on the other side:


L'autre côté:


mur cuisine 2


This wall means that right now I have to go into the living-room to bring something from the kitchen to the dining-room, see why this is driving me up the wall?


It's not that the previous owners were stupid, though. That dining-room used to be their master bedroom... My family and friends thought that I would transform it into my home office... But actually I hate having my home office in a separate room as I often have to work late at home: I tried it for one year and I had the feeling I spent the year locked up in this room! So I have my home office in a part of the living-room. Also, the first time I visited I had that idea to open the wall between the then bedroom and the kitchen... How? That is the question! That's also why I kept that orange wallpaper : I actually draw on it different ideas I have of openings...


Je savais dès ma première visite de la maison que je tranformerais ce qui était alors une chambre en salle-à-manger et donc que je voudrais créer une ouverture entre les deux pièces. Comment? Telle est la question qui hante mes nuits (bon, j'exagère un peu...)


So, first let me clear something about the size of an old fisherman's cottage: the kitchen and the dining-room reunited are probably the size of your bathroom if you leave in some part of the new worlds (meaning USA, Canada and Australia)... So I don't want two tables : anyway, you can't eat on two tables at the same time so what's the point?


Charmed204 102

Let's go idea-hunting with Phoebe and Prue (the Halliwell Manor is often inspiring to me, who found most of my ideas on TV until I discovered blogland...)



Et si je refaisais confiance aux sorcières et à leur fabuleux manoir pour m'inspirer?


Idea #1. Fully open with kitchen island, also used as a table.


Charmed104 399


This idea seems to be used so often in decoration TV shows in France, that I had to write about it, but I never ever thought about it.... I love having a real table too much!


Première idée: une sorte d'îlot central qui fait office de table... Très à la mode dans les émissions de déco, mais résolument trop moderne pour moi.


Idea #2. Real table but with a fully open kitchen.


Charmed104 243


I love their table. But how would I hide the boiler that's in the kitchen?


Deuxième idée: une vraie table (j'adore la leur... D'ailleurs devinez d'où m'est venue l'idée d'avoir une table rectangulaire?) et aucun mur entre la cuisine et l'espace table. Joli en théorie, mais mes invités vont avoir vu sur la chaudière, et tout de suite, c'est moins chic!



Idea #3. A door between the kitchen and the dining-room.A bit too uptight, according to me...




Troisième idée. Une porte séparant la cuisine de la salle-à-manger. Pour le coup, je ne trouve pas ça assez ouvert.


I've thought about those three ideas and none seemed completely perfect. I can't believe the Manor has failed me!!!


Et oui, la Manoir ne sera pas ma source d'inspiration cette fois... J'ai dû évoluer et pas lui!!!


So I digged some more...But that's an other story, one I don't want to tell you now as I don't want you to be influenced, because I'm sure you have ideas... Please tell me in the comments: you can put links, I'll be sure to visit them all...


En réalité, j'ai une petite idée de ce que je veux, mais je ne vous en parle pas maintenant pour ne pas vous influencer... Dites-moi d'abord quelles sont vos idées... Vous pouvez me mettre des liens, je me ferez un plaisir d'aller les voir!





Little White House xxx




PS: Although the metamorphisis hasn't taken place yet, I'm linking this post to my favourite parties:


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Tuesday's Treasure - Uncommon Slice Suburbia



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6 février 2011 7 06 /02 /février /2011 11:18

Hi everyone who's stopping by!


Here are some pictures of some winter blooms that are currently the joy of the Little White House.Amaryllis full bloom 4

Voilà les fleurs qui illuminent cette fin d'hiver dans la petite maison blanche.

Amaryllis 4

When I bought this one it said it was pink. But, it's rather red, isn't it? It's really pretty, though.

Amaryllis full bloom 9

Quand j'ai acheté le bulbe, il était censé fleurir rose, mais bon, c'est raté! Mais il fait tellement de jolies fleurs veloutées que je ne lui en veux pas.


Jacinthe blanche 2

La jacinthe du décor chandeleur de la véranda a fleuri et elle embaume l'entrée de la maison.


This one smells so good!


Jacinthe rose 1


I hope this pictures made you smile... Flowers always make me smile...



Hey! You weren't really thinking I didn't have a song playing in my head while writing, were you?







Little White House xxx



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23 janvier 2011 7 23 /01 /janvier /2011 17:18

What's with the horror titles lately?


Mais qu'est-ce qui me prend avec tous ces titres horribles en ce moment?







As a birthday treat to myself, I chose to get rid of some of the overwhelming orange of the Little White House. That's what the massacre is about.


J'ai décidé de me débarasser d'un peu de tout le orange qui envahit la petite maison blanche pour mon anniversaire.


Just some picture in case you weren't having nightmares anymore about that beautiful landing of mine.


Une petite photo de ce à quoi mon palier ressemblait ce matin au réveil, pour le cas où vous auriez réussi à oublier ce cauchemar.


palier 1


There's nearly nothing to keep, but I had decided not to change anything, as I have big plans about that landing, that might be altered to smaller plans if the budget decides so...


J'avais décidé de ne rien toucher parce que j'ai des projets pour mon petit palier...


But somehow, that orange was really getting on my nerves... and... a few minutes later, this morning...


Mais ce orange me tapait vraiment sur les nerfs et après quelques minutes, voilà:


palier 7


There's still much to do, of course... And that will have to wait until the summer holidays. For now, I'll let the walls breathe, as a colleague from school puts it (she can ask me for royalties...).


Il reste encore beaucoup de choses à faire...


This is how it looks now on my way to my bedroom:

palier 8



Shadow came to check my work...


palier + chat


Shadow a fait l'inspecteur des travaux finis.


If you're worried too much white will get depressing, you'll be relieved to learn, that there are still three different colours on the other three walls, no kidding!


Si vous avez peur que le blanc fasse hôpital, pas de panique, il y a encore trois pans de murs de trois couleurs différentes dans cet espace, si, si!


So whose complaining I ripped down some orange wallpaper?


Donc, qui va me dénoncer pour massacre de papier peint orange?


In the next episode of  "The Little White House", I'll show you some real birthday presents...


Dans le prochain épisode de "La Petite Maison Blanche", je vous montrerai quelques véritables cadeaux...


I'm linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on The Porch:

Pic for Body of Blog3

and to:


Making The World Cutter 


Little White House xxx

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18 janvier 2011 2 18 /01 /janvier /2011 20:04

Not doing anything in the house was last weekend plan A.

First because it's stupid to do tiny remodeling stuff when I'm going to destroy half the house next summer. Secondly because I was to grade papers, lots of papers, too many papers (Gosh why do I write tests that are so long? - and why do I only realise they are too long when I have to grade them?)


Le weekend dernier, je m'étais jurée de ne rien faire dans la maison. D'abord, il est complètement ridicule de faire des petites retouches de rien du tout quand je prévois de casser la moitié de la maison l'été prochain. Ensuite, j'avais des paquets (notez le pluriel) de copies à corriger (mais pourquoi diable est-ce que je fais toujours des contrôles aussi longs??)


Well plan A failed at exactly 8:32 am on Saturday! I went to the toilets and the door couldn't close... It had been like that for a while now, but suddenly, I couldn't stand it anymore.


Ce projet sérieux s'est effondré dès le samedi matin, quand pour la énième fois, la poignée des toilettes de l'étage m'est presque restée dans la main.


To understand what happened to the door, let's rewind a little ("How I met your Mother"- style)...


Pour comprendre l'histoire de cette poignée, petit flashback à la manière de "aou ai mét your mozère" (prononciation estampillée NT1).


When I first visited the house, the door looked like that:

Voilà ce à quoi ressemblait la porte lors de ma première visite:


What?  Yes, it's a beach mat on the door. Can I say they took the beach style a little too far for me?


Non, vous ne rêvez pas, c'est bien une natte de plage fixée sur la porte... La maison avait une décoration marine très poussée... J'ai retiré la natte assez vite...


I had to remove that mat really soon after I got the keys.




Then, I coulnd't stand that door handle (which was already wonky) or that wall paper. So it slowly turned to that:


Ensuite, j'ai retiré le papier peint et la poignée:



and then, after a few coats of paint:


Et je me suis lancée dans un petit coup de peinture et un changement de poignée:




Notice the white handle I bought? Well, I could never get it to be fixed: there had been so many door handles of different sizes that under the handle there were different holes, way too big for the screw I was suppose to put... At first, I thought, that will do until the big remodel... But after a few friends' visits and the embarrassing moment when I had to say: "the bathroom? it's upstairs, but be careful with the handle" and when I had to answer "you don't"  to their worried question "how do I close the door?", something had to be done...


Malheureusement, la jolie poignée blanche n'a j'amais pu tenir en place car quand j'ai enlevé la poignée métallique, je me suis retrouvée face à un gruyère de trous dû à des générations de poignées différentes, bref les vis étaient dans une sorte de trou béant qui rendait le poignée bien fragile. Imaginez mes sueurs froides quand des invités demandaient à aller aux toilettes, puis me criaient d'en-haut: "euh, comment on ferme la porte?" Il fallait agir!


Big problem, easy solution, I bought a door knob...

Et bien, j'ai acheté une poignée bouton toute simple qui tient sans vis!


Nouvelle poignée WC haut bis


And I love the old look it gives to that plain door!

Et en plus, j'adore son look vieillot!

poignée bouton 2


In case you were wondering, I did grade all my papers later on, though I did finish working very late on Sunday evening (Sunday night, really)!


Pour le cas où vous vous inquièteriez, j'ai tout de même corrigé mes copies, même si j'ai fini très tard dans la nuit de dimanche!


  I'm linking this post to :


and to a new blog party at Beach Cottage :



Je vous invite à cliquer sur les boutons ci-dessus, pour voir découvrir des réalisations diverses et toujours inspirantes.... en toutes langues!



Little White House xxx

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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...
  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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