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28 août 2010 6 28 /08 /août /2010 20:34



I don't have many friends, but I have wonderful friends. Two of my highschool friends came and visited me last May and they brought a table (and chairs) for my then-future garden! It was great because as soon as I got the keys, I had nothing in the house, but their gift!!!

I wanted to thank them through the blog and I hope everybody will enjoy some pictures I had fun taking since we had a wonderfully sunny summer.


The bare table before I even settled in. And yes, one ear of the cat is on the picture!



First teatime with friends in the Little White House.



And as a treat and because it was requested (which means that people do visit the blog, yeah!), the first glimpse of the outside of the Little White House.


Last days of holidays for me...


Little White House xxx

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27 août 2010 5 27 /08 /août /2010 17:10

Do you consider the house ugly because you read my last post? Actually, the house has "potential". It's my favorite word to describe a house I visit: it either as "potential" or it's hopeless. So here are my own seven wonders.

1) Stone walls


The house is made of stones. None are showing right now except in the guest bedroom (aka the East room).


2) Beams


You can see the ceiling beams in the dining-room and in the kitchen. They are concealed in the living-room, but I intend to have them restaured one day...


3) Beams again!IMGP1622

I just love those beams upstairs! Here are the ones in the corridor. There are the same in the guest room and also some in the main bedroom, but those last ones are concealed under an awful fake ceiling... What were they thinking????


4) The stairs.


They are the original stairs of the house. They need a little work but I love them as they are!


5) The well

Pordic juillet 2010 025

I know it's cheating because I already posted a picture of it. But, it's definitely one of the wonders! It's still out of work, though. Given that when I arrived I didn't have the telephone and that I still don't have TV in the house (I have the set, but nothing on it!!), the well didn't seem a priority!


6) The view at the back of the garden.

Pordic juillet 2010 011

The houses of this block are the last before the fields, for now at least... Which is just great! You can wander in your pajamas and nobody can tell!


7) Just because.


The cottage vibe is here. It just needs to be uncovered...


*** To be continued ***


Little White House xxx
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26 août 2010 4 26 /08 /août /2010 21:45



So I tried to knock on heaven's door, but I actually walked in a Little Shop of Horrors. 

First, one of my favorite item: the kitchen's walls!!!


It doesn't really show on the picture, it's not smooth at all. I guess it was made with the kind of spatula you use to put  glue on tiles! And the real treat are the orange seagulls painted on it!!! I'm a long way from my ideal cottage kitchen!


Second best is the floor in the main bedroom.


It's a navy blue carpet. You think it can't get worse. See what's under the carpet. The previous owner had told me it was hardwood floor... Well surprise!


It's a very dirty and very 1950's linoleum...

Speaking of the main bedroom. Can you believe there is a wonderful painting on the wall next to where I'm suppose to sleep???


I'm pretty sure you can only have nightmares when this is the last thing you see before closing your eyes!


Then, in case you hadn't notice the house is very colorful... There's even an "Arlequin" floor in the corridor:



And I saved the best for the end!!! The dining-room door. Doesn't it make you scream?

Pordic juillet 2010 017


This was just to make your mouth water... There are lots more!!!

Now, you are thinking I was crazy to choose the house. Don't deny it. I can hear you from here.

So just wait for the next article, you'll be surprised!!!



Little White House xxx
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26 août 2010 4 26 /08 /août /2010 21:30


I've been so busy and so tired in the evening that I didn't take the time to write. Hopefully rainy days are coming (am I really writing that? - see how ewhausted I am!) and it will give me some time to write. So I will soon be opening for you the door of the Little White House.



Little White House xxx

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8 juillet 2010 4 08 /07 /juillet /2010 21:23



It took a long time (or so it seemed to me) but at last, I have the keys! The front door key looks so much like an old key: I absolutely love it!


The problems actually begin when you use that wondeful key to open the door... The previous owner had a very peculiar taste when it comes to house decoration... It's like walking in the "Little Shop of Horror", litteraly. When I described it to my Mom, she nearly died because she was laughing so hard, she thought I was making things up... But when she came to visit for the first time yesterday, she said I had even let some things out and that it was worse than what I had described!

I know, everyone is dying to see pictures now...and it'll come. I'm such a long way from being chosen as "Cottage of The Month" by Jennifer!


So, I have the keys and the house is officially mine (yeah!) but I still have some roommates. I agreed to keep them while their owner is building a new househen for them. Bonus: I get free eggs in the meanwhile!

Here are the girls:



Now I need to pack everything ... Only a few more days before the official removal. But I've got help, so I can't complain!




Little White House xxx

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13 juin 2010 7 13 /06 /juin /2010 21:04


One of the blogs I often read (Our Suburban Cottage, in the links) organized a "How I Met My House Party" last month. Unfortunately, it was too early for me yet to talk about the house. But I thought it was such a good idea that I'm going to write the article anyway.

So as often in modern days, I met my house on the Internet. I was very specific about visiting only stone-built cottage... and then I saw a picture of this little fisherman's cottage whose walls were whitewashed. Absolutely no stone visible and yet somehow, it beckoned to me. I phoned and asked where it was: the cottage was in the first town I had had in mind to settle in and then I had given up because it was too expensive for me!

The next day, I visited the house: it was Easter Monday, but the owners were kind enough to let me come. First surprise, I actually knew the owner as we are in the same ballet class. It was just sheer luck as I'd been in the area for only a few months and knew nearly nobody apart from work colleagues. The house appeared to be some kind of Noah's Arch with cats, dogs, rabbits, fish and hens! I know it could have seem dirty, but to me it gave a feeling of happiness and kindness. So, obviously, it's a long way to my dream cottage garden, but one thing convinced me it was possible:


"Little House In The Prairie", anyone?


Visiting the inside proved to be much the same: a long way from my dream cottage but as it is an old house I'll just have to give it back his soul... Right now, it looks like a mix of Provençal style, Moroccan style and lots of "Sponge Bob" paintings on the walls.  So how do I know it's the one? Some kind of gut feeling I guess!


Little White House xxx

PS: By the way, the well pump doesn't work anymore... but it will again one day.

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11 juin 2010 5 11 /06 /juin /2010 19:14

Hi everyone!


So, I've been fond of houses my whole life, eversince I was a little girl and lived in an apartment... Then I grew up and lived in more apartments... But, for the first time, I'm looking for a house and boy, it's not easy to find the house of your dreams when your budget is tight!


I know  I have to give up on some of my dreams, but there are a few I won't give up: I want a garden and I want the house to be old.


Actually, I think I just found the one, but I will tell you more:

a) when paper work will be done;

b) when I'll know how to use the blog (meaning posting links, pictures and putting articles in categories!).


Little White House xxx

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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...
  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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