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6 novembre 2012 2 06 /11 /novembre /2012 20:04

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


French TV is re-re-re-airing episodes of How I Met Your Mother... Lily still hasn"t had any baby yet here... It's like she's been pregnant 24 months!

And it seems that every time I turn the TV on the episode about Robin being a teen pop star is on. You know the one where she sings the very catchy...


Ne me dites pas que vous n'avez pas vu vingt fois les épisodes de How I Met Your Mother que la télé française rédiffuse en boucle (et oui, cela fait maintenant 24 mois que Lily est enceinte)... Bref, chaque fois que je tente d'en re-regarder un, je tombe sur celui-là et sa stupide chanson qui reste bien dans la tête (cliquez à vos riques et périls).




You listen to it once and you wake up singing it for a week...


I was actually singing it in my car, when I realized how stupid it was since I don't really shop in malls anymore.


C'était ce que je chantais (faux) dans ma voiture: une chanson qui vantait les mérites des galleries commerciales, alors qu'en fait je les fréquente de moins en moins.


Instead I go to people's houses to pick up things they don't want anymore.


Au lieu de couloirs sans fenêtres, bordés de magasins sans fenêtres, voilà ce que je vois quand je vais acheter un nouvel objet.


And instead of windowless corridors and huge parking lot, this is what I get to see...




Breathtaking, isn't it? This is what Hillion, a small seaside village, looks like.


La baie d'Hillion.




The sea in this part of the bay goes very far with each tide.




And this beautiful beach is located in Le Val-André. It's where my father spent all his holidays as a boy.


Et la plage du Val-André, où je suis allée chercher ma dernière merveille.


Now, do you want to see what I picked up there? Please, say "yes", because I'm dying to show you.




I fell in love with the ribbon carving on top. And those litlle details:




Meet my nursing chair.


Je vous présente ma chaise de nourrice.




The seat is very low so one could be closer to the fire and the back is very high so the wet-nurse could rest comfortably while breast-feeding.


It was definitely worth going to the sea-side village, wasn't it?


Cela valait le coup de ne pas aller faire les boutiques, non?


Please, excuse the background: the house is still very much under full renovation... The wall isn't painted and the baseboard is to be changed, one day... I think the chair is the star anyway.



Magali, from the Little White House xxx



The chair deserves a few parties, don't you agree?




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5 novembre 2012 1 05 /11 /novembre /2012 21:11

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


There's a really narrow wall between the living-room window and the door. Here you can see it before renovation began.


Il y a un petit morceau de mur bien étroit entre la fenêtre du salon et la porte. Le voilà dans toute son orangitude d'avant les travaux...




After phase one (out of 66 probably!) of renovation, which included getting rid of all things orange on the walls, tearing down the ugly sliding doors and ripping apart the white tiles, I was on the look out for a small piece that would be tiny enough to fit on the wall, but still could hide some of the junk I could no longer put away in the cupboard that no longer existed!


Je cherchais donc, une fois le mur blanchi, un petit meuble à mettre là. Deux problèmes: il me fallait quelque chose de pas cher et de dimensions réduites... Evidemment, j'ai farfouillé sur Le Bon Coin.


As usual, I couldn't afford something new, so I started browsing the Internet... And I found something that was just the right size...




I really liked the shape of it, and I couldn't be too picky, given it was really difficult to find the right size... But those handles, not really what I had in mind...

(Did you notice the wall isn't orange anymore?)


Pile les bonnes dimensions... Un petit côté anglais qui m'a tout de suite séduite... Un prix à la portée de ma bourse... Mais alors, ces poignées... euh, comment dire?


Sunddenly, I remembered I had some extra handles I had removed from a bed drawers.




The side was not perfect...




Still, I decided not to paint as I loved the unvarnished look of the wood. I sanded and waxed it... I used my favourite Libéron wax.


Le voilà, après un petit ponçage et un petit cirage.


Here it is after all the little TLC it needed and deserved.





The only new thing is the little cat : its job is too protect the piece from people (me for instance) who would open the door too violently...


The real cat approved of the "new" piece.


Le chat a adopté le nouveau meuble immédiatement.




Now, I'm on the lookout for something to put above it... I have several ideas... Now I must find something in my price range... Something very cheap, then... Any ideas?


Je cherche quelque chose à mettre au-dessus. Vous avez des idées?


I like to mix very French things like the lamp and very English things, like this cupboard... If you like French vintage clothings and handbags, you'll find what you're looking for by visiting La Minuinette, my cousin's etsy shop (can't believe she opened hers before mine)... She has a wonderful eye for French vintage fashion items and will be delighted to send you those wherever you live... The link is in my sidebar... Have fun!



Magali, from a nearly furnished Little White House xxx


My thrift find is partying at:



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7 octobre 2012 7 07 /10 /octobre /2012 21:36

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Do I really need  to tell you that I'm currently working on fairy tales?


I first thought of having a cheval mirror when I saw one there:


J'ai commencé à avoir envie d'une psyché après en avoir vu un ici:




I spotted one on Le Bon Coin (French Craig's List) that was even more beautiful according to me and that was English (double bonus! - boni - just in case you know Latin).


Et peu après, j'en ai repéré un sur Le Bon Coin qui était non seulement joli, mais ausii anglais, que demander de plus? Il y avait même une photo pour preuve!


Here's the tag that is behind and that was pictured on the website.




I checked it out on the National Archives on the Internet and it turned out this company was active between 1889 and 1937. Score!


Là, par curiosité, parce que je suis curieuse et que j'aime bien comprendre les choses, je fais une petite recherche Google et je découvre que la compagnie Inglesants a cessé d'exercer en 1937. Wow! Et qu'en plus, ça a l'air de se vendre assez cher... Par exemple, 695 £ pour ce repose-pieds. Gloups!


For example, I found on this Internet this footstool by the same company:



for 695 £!


And they asked only 60€ for the mirror, which happened to be in the harbour next to my village, a mere ten minutes away from my house!


I convinced my parents to take me (it wouldn't have been possible with my tiny car!)... And bonus (again!), we got to see a beautiful house with a seaview!


Now, here it is, in my bedroom... please ignore the wall paper, heritage from previous owners and the wall lamp (same heritage):




Et le voilà donc dans ma chambre (dont la déco n'est absolument pas la mienne... ne jugez pas, par égard pour les anciens proprios!). Oserais-je vous dire que je l'ai négocié pour 50 €? J'ai presque honte...


Please admire the shell on top of it.




And the handles on the sides...





I have no idea when the bedroom will get a makeover, but item # 1 is purchased! Did I mention I got it for 50€?


Je ne sais pas ce que je fais faire de cette chambre plus tard... J'ai plein d'idées, mais vu que ce n'est pas pour tout de suite, je ne me décide sur rien encore... Mais j'ai déjà le miroir!



So which is better my TV inspiration mirror or the one I found in real life? - It's not that often that it happens that way! -



Magali, through the looking glass xxx


th wowuswedparty

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19 août 2011 5 19 /08 /août /2011 20:53

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


I'm back at the Little White House though the renovation is far from complete. I promise picture in the near future. I know I already wrote that once... It's just very difficult to post pictures of my house in its current state.


Je suis de retour à la maison. Je vous promets des photos de l'avancement des travaux... Mais c'est un peu difficile de publier des images de ma maison dans son état actuel.


Basicaly I'm camping in my own house and eating dust for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Grosso modo, je campe dans ma propre maison et je mange de la poussière du petit-déjeuner au dîner.


During the day, I need to keep myself busy. Reading is out of the question with the noise going around here... I wish I could ask the workers to stop the noise but keep working!!!


So I'm doing small projects that don't need too much concentration and that make me believe I'm also working for the house.


Du coup, je me lance dans des petits projets qui ne demande pas trop de concentration (quand inventera-t-on les travaux qui ne font pas de bruit?) et qui me donnent l'impression de travailler pour ma maison.


I bought a clock a while ago in an attic sale, just because it was wood and cheap and I loved the diamond-shaped frame.


J'avais trouvé une pendule en bois pas cher dans une brocante.




I really didn't know what to do with it.


Then I saw in a "Maisons du Monde" store a cute cream coloured clock that was too expensive for me and inspiration struck. Ouch!


Puis, j'ai vu une horloge adorable en bois couleur crème dans une boutique Maisons du monde et l'idée a germé!


So, before:




And after:




I would show you how it looks in my kitchen, if my kitchen wasn't the awful mess it is right now. I managed to get the fridge back in it tonight, but it's in the middle of the room as nothing can touch the unfinished walls! Still, it's more convenient than to have it in the garage and having to cross the garden every time I need butter!



Vu l'état actuel de la cuisine, il peut paraître ridicule de se consacrer à une pendule... D'un autre côté, faire le ménage de la cuisine relève du mythe de Sisyphe, alors...







Magali, from the Little White House






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18 août 2011 4 18 /08 /août /2011 20:17

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Up until now,  I didn't have a coffee table. All my previous homes had been way too small. It was already difficult to walk between the TV and the sofa... Ok, I'm slightly exagerating, but you get the idea, right?


And then, I moved to the very tiny fisherman's house that is the Little White House... where as tiny as it is, there's room for a coffee table.


Only I couldn't find one that I loved and was affordable.


Jusqu'à présent, je n'avais pas de table basse: une planche sur deux cartons remplaçait comme elle pouvait une table que je ne trouvais pas. C'était soit trop moche soit trop cher.


So I used the Magali method: I find an easy "good til now" solution. I put two cardboard boxes that I wrapped in brown paper in front of the sofa and put an old wood board (leftover from a deceased cheap desk) on top of it.


I did look everywhere for a picture of that masterpiece but couldn't find any.


I thought I would buy a new one later.


But with the big troubles (read here) I had at the Little White House, it soon became out of question.


Avec les problèmes qu'a rencontré ma Petite Maison ces derniers temps, il était utopique d'acheter une table basse cet été.


As I was at my parents during the worst of the renovation of my house, my mum and I took a habit to surf on "Le Bon Coin" (a site where you can find things second hand) every evening.


I found a cheap coffee table in a town really close to my parents'.


Sauf que j'ai trouvé cette table basse en pin pour vraiment pas cher sur Le Bon Coin.




Now, I know there's a hate fashion towards pine on blogs... But that's where I beg to differ... I love pine, always have and maybe always will (I said maybe).


Le pin, c'est pas la mode, mais moi, j'adore depuis toujours.




What I don't love, though, is varnish on pine as it tend to make it look yellowish and shiny... But well, the lady selling it aggreed on 20 €, so off I went home with the varnished table!


Sauf que j'aime moins le pin vernis: ça donne un aspect jaune et brillant au bois... Enfin, à ce prix-là, je l'ai emportée pour faire mes armes dessus.


I told my parents I was going to work a little on it and they looked at me with their eyes saying "it looks perfectly good as it is".




The sanding process began (all by hand, with sanding paper, yes!)... Up there, you can see how different the wood looks without the awful varnish.


And a few days later...



And, yes, it was sunny at least one day this summer!


The top is not varnished (how did you guess?), nor stained really. I applied four coats of a old-English-pine wax. I bought it from the very famous brand Libéron that I had never dared to use before... I felt like someone who just had her driving license and drove a Porsche...



Pour la première fois de ma vie, je me suis offert une cire Libéron... Et je ne regrette pas. J'avais ce sentiment bizarre de conduire une Porsche avec un permis tout neuf, mais cette cire fait vraiment la différence. La quantité de pigments gris permet de donner une jolie couleur au bois, pas jaune du tout.




But clearly, a good wax makes a world of difference: this one has a lot of grey in it, which gives the wood a nice colour, not yellowy at all! And not shiny!




The remodeling of this table would not have been possible without all the blogs around here that showed me it was possible.

Special thanks to:


- Ikea (I never thought I would say thank you to a store!): a few years ago they had white and wood furniture that I bought some item from... They no longer sell the said fruniture, so I have to make my own... and now, it's real wood!


- Pottery Barn: on their site, there's a gorgeous white and wood coffee table, that I dreamed of but couldn't afford at all.


- Sarah, from A Beach Cottage, whose coffee table caught my eye the first time I saw a picture of it!


- My parents who have been very supportive, even if a bit sceptical at the beginning, during the whole process... and now keep an eye on the table until it makes its debut at The Little White House!





Un grand merci à mes parents qui m'ont soutenu pendant tout le temps des travaux de la maison (pas encore finis!) et qui du coup, ce sont retrouvés à poncer des tables et à hésiter avec moi des heures au rayon cire entre 3 ou 4 pots promettant tous la même chose... Merci aussi de garder un oeil sur ma table avant qu'elle ne fasse son entrée officielle dans la Petite Maison!


Magali, from the Little White House



Joining inspiring parties:


  Miss Mustard Seedshow and tell fridays

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28 juillet 2011 4 28 /07 /juillet /2011 21:22

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


As I'm at my parents', my mom joins me in my Sunday trips to attic-sales (aka as yard sales).


Comme je suis chez mes parents, ma Maman m'accompagne dans mes virées dans les vide-greniers du dimanche.




Going to an attic sale around here is a double delight: trying to find a rare object, of course, but also admiring the surroundings.


Ici, il faut regarder à la fois les stands et les vues autour des stands!


So the whole family got up early last Sunday... Or nearly the whole family!


Donc, tout le monde s'est levé à une heure matinale, enfin presque!




And look what I found! (for 3 euros, should I add)


Et voilà ce que j'avais trouvé ce jour-là.




I had been looking for a magazine holder for a while (if there's a proper word, please let me know).


Cela faisait un bail que j'en cherchais un pas cher. Et si vous pensez que je compte le mettre près du canapé, c'est trop traditionnel pour moi.


You might think it's going to join the living-room when it's done. But I have a different plan for that little piece.




Now, I'm pretty sure you are proper ladies whose bathroom floor is never covered with magazines of all kinds. But I'm not such a lady...

(The above picture was taken in my "maiden" bathroom at my parents': look what I did to it after living there for only three weeks!)


Maintenant, je suis sure que chez vous tout est toujours parfaitement rangé et qu'aucun magazine ne jonche le sol des toilettes... Mais voilà ce à quoi ressemble ma salle-de-bain chez mes parents après seulement trois semaines chez eux! Donc le petit meuble est censé rejoindre mes toilettes quand je serai de retour chez moi.


So the magazine holder is supposed to be in my upstair bathroom... that is when my staircase isn't floating in the air anymore (you can read about this here).




Still, that piece was a bit grandpa looking and I thought it was good idea to try my hand at painting furniture with such a small piece. That was really foolish as small means very difficult! Now, at least, I know that!


Seulement, celui-là avait bien l'air de sortir du grenier du grand-père à qui je l'ai acheté.




So it's full of imperfections but I like the way it turned out.


C'était ma première peinture de "meuble": certes, c'est plein de défauts mais j'ai fait de mon mieux.




All pictures were taken im my mom's garden, where it was so nice to rest after painting!


Toutes les photos ont été prises dans le jardin de ma Maman où il fit bon se reposer ensuite.





Magali, from her Mom’s garden



Joining inspiring parties:


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22 juillet 2011 5 22 /07 /juillet /2011 20:39

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


If you would like to remember a wonderful chandelier, please press play...




My mom, who's sitting next to me as I'm writing, is making fun of me for comparing my chandeliers to the Opera's one...



This is just a quick post because I really want to be part of Sarah's paint party! But I'm back from the house where the renovation is going slowly its way and I'm really tired. Pictures of the mess the house is in will be posted later...


Voici juste un petit article sur ce sur quoi je travaille pendant que les travaux dans la maison avancent... trop lentement à mon goût! Les dernières photos (elles font vraiment peur) seront bientôt sur le blog.




I already tried to paint some light fixtures a few weeks (maybe months... Time just flies) ago. Since then, I've painted some more. Last week, I thought it was time to try my hand at real chandeliers. Also I needed to participate in some way at my house renovation. So I brought everything I needed at my parents' and began painting.




I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures but a) the weather really hasn't been cooperating around here - b) my parents really don't understand why I take pictures of things all the time and why on earth I need to take pictures at different spots of the house/garden...


Je suis navrée pour la qualité des photos mais le soleil n'est pas toujours de la partie ces derniers jours.



The small three light chandelier was in my grandfather's shop and I hope it will be above my dining-room table one day...


Le petit chandelier trois branches était dans la boutique de mon grand-père et je voudrais le mettre au dessus de la table de la salle-à-manger.




The five light one was bought in an "attic-sale" and is older than the other: I can tell because it's very heavy!


Le grand chandelier cinq branches a été trouvé dans une brocante et vu son poids, je pense qu'il est plus ancien que l'autre!




This one is supposed to be in the living-room when the beams won't be green any longer!




Celui-ci devrait rejoindre le salon quand les poutres n'y seront plus vertes... Quoique, blanc sur vert, ça peut rendre pas mal... Et si je gardais les poutres vertes???






Magali, from her parents’house (again !)



Joining some blog parties that are really enhancing my mood during tough times...


Sarah's paint party

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25 mai 2011 3 25 /05 /mai /2011 16:53

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


So I'm pretty sure you're wondering where I'm going with this title. Won't tell you, sorry... Except if you read till the end!


I began flea-marketing / yard-saling / brocanting (what do you mean it's not in your dictionary?) again on Sunday mornings as we're blessed with a nice weather here (and my thoughts go to all of you across the ocean that aren't as lucky).


J'ai repris mes chasses dans les brocantes les dimanches matins, encouragée par le temps magnifique dont nous bénéficions.




Last Sunday, I went to three different "brocantes" (really we call it "attic sales" around here), but wasn't very lucky. Still, it's not always about buying, it's a lot about visiting the village where it takes place, too.


Dimanche dernier n'a pas été très fructueux, malheureusment.


I mean, when you park your car and go out to a beautiful sea view or park your car so close to such a nice church, you can't complain, really.




Sorry about all those cars in front of the church, no one volunteered to move their car for me to get a better picture... and I can't blame them as it took me ten minutes to move my own car after everyone arrived later than me and parked all around my car! So here's where I confess I'm not the best driver of the world!


Mais comment se plaindre quand brocanter permet aussi d'admirer une belle vue sur mer, de se garer devant une adorable petite église ou de rêver devant une chaumière digne de Blanche-Neige.




Don't you believe Snow White lives here?


I did find something that day, but it's a gift for my mum, so no way I'm showing it before Mother's Day (which is only next Sunday, here!)




And I also found a nice egg coddler: the guy selling it only asked for 2 € when all those I checked on "Le Bon Coin" on the Internet were at 20 €.


J'ai tout de même trouvé un "coquetier anglais" (meilleure traduction qui me vient en tête, mais ce n'est pas un coquetier vraiment) pour 2€ alors que le moins cher trouvé sur Le Bon Coin est en ce moment à 20€!




J'ai testé le lendemain soir une petite recette... Cela ressemble, je crois, à ce qu'on appelle les "oeufs cocotte" en français.


The next evening I tried to make my very first coddled egg and it was delicious... And yes, my dinner looked like a breakfast... That's when you need to play that video of Brittany's most intelligent one-liners... The breakfast one is at the beginning.






If you're not a gleek, you can just skip the video and tell me in the comment I'm insane and you didn't understand a thing!





By the way, I think I have a new addiction: egg coddlers! They are just so cute!


Et voilà, une nouvelle collection vient peut-être de commencer, il va vraiment falloir que je conçoive une cuisine avec beaucoup d'étagères...

Note perso: Maman, si tu en vois...



Magali, from the Little White House


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17 avril 2011 7 17 /04 /avril /2011 14:43

I woke up yesterday to that song:


J'ai été réveillée hier par cette chanson:




 So, ok, it's been in my player for years and I've been waking up to it every now and then for a while. But, there are songs you've been listening to for so long, you don't really "listen" to them anymore. Do you know what I mean? They are like a conforting lullaby. But yet, somehow, yesterday this one hit home. I had to stop crucifying myself.



D'accord, elle est dans mon lecteur depuis des années et elle me réveille assez souvent. Mais il y a des chansons qu'on écoute depuis tellement longtemps que l'on n'y fait plus vraiment attention. Elles deviennent juste des berceuses rassurantes. Ce matin-là, pourtant, celle-là a fait tilt dans mon cerveau. Il était temps que j'arrête de me crucifier.

I'm a teacher. I'm not complaining as I love my job. Still, I have work to do at home, even at  weekends. It's not like I can arrive on Monday and tell the pupils: "we're not studying anything today, it was too sunny on Sunday to prepare a lesson!"


Je suis prof. J'adore mon boulot. Néanmoins, j'ai toujours du travail à faire à la maison, même le weekend. Je ne peux décemment pas arriver le lundi en déclarant: "Aujourd'hui, on ne fait rien, il faisait trop beau pour préparer des cours dimanche dernier!"



I'm completely redoing the side garden. The gardener did help, but it's my job now to get rid of all the roots that are still there. And believe me, there are more than a girl can handle!!


De plus, je refais le deuxième jardin. Le jardinier a bien enlevé les souches, mais il reste plein de racines qui repartent toutes seules... qu'il me faut donc retrouver et arracher. Crevant et chronophage.




So I keep feeling guilty: if I'm in the garden, I'm not working for pupils. If I'm marking papers, I think about all those roots that need to be uprooted before I can do anything with the garden... So you can imagine how I feel when I'm trying to relax in a hot bath (noticed the bathtub at 2:40 in the video?)...


Du coup, je me sens toujours coupable: soit je corrige des copies et je pense à mes racines, soit je suis dans le jardin, avec un certain sentiment de honte en calculant combien de copies il me reste à lire. Je ne vous parle pas du sentiment de culpabilité qui m'envahit quand je plonge dans un bain chaud.


That's why I decided to join the Beach Cottage Club: it gives me the opportunity to relax without second thoughts - I must do it as it's for the club!!! If you would like to join, go visit  A Beach Cottage.




C'est pourquoi j'ai décidé de rejoindre le club du blog A Beach Cottage: toutes les semaines l'auteur nous donne une mission qui consiste à prendre un peu de temps pour nous. Plus de culpabilité, puisque c'est une mission... possible.




This week assignement was to go to our florist's and buy our favourite flowers. Mission accomplished... Though I'm sorry to say the mission did not involved ruffles or wellies as Sarah wanted it. It did involve a khaki military jacket on a girly pink tee, though!




Cette semaine, il fallait se rendre chez le fleuriste et s'offrir ses fleurs préférées. Mission accomplie, même si je ne portais pas de vêtements à volants ni de bottes en caoutchouc, comme le demandait Sarah.




Magali, from the Little White House xxx



I'm joining:

Making The World Cutter linkparty button pnggood-life-wednesday-a-beach-cottage2



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27 mars 2011 7 27 /03 /mars /2011 15:30

Dear readers,



Chers lecteurs,


I had it coming. I've been buying things on the Internet and asking sellers to send it to me from all over the country. And it was always perfect: my cake stand, my violet teapot, my treasured pink Wedgwood box (I still have to show you that one - what? Is it Spring already? Where has Winter gone - Not than I want it back) and some gifts for people around me...


Cela me pendait au nez. Sérieusement, depuis le temps que je commande des choses fragiles et qu'elles arrivent sans un accroc... Jusqu'au jour où j'ai reçu cette cafetière et cette théière que je lorgnais depuis un moment sur Le Bon Coin... J'en aurais pleuré.


Everything so far arrived safe and sound to begin a new life at the Little White House, until that day...




Both the teapot and the coffee pot were broken... I was so disappointed it nearly had me cry. Such beautiful brown transferware (I think that's what it's called). Something had to be done...


So off I went to Leroy Merlin (hardware store that I "visit" so often one of my colleagues says there's a "Welcome Magali" sign on their sliding doors) and bought some extra strong (but solvant free) glue... And I began to work:




Je me suis donc rendu chez mon meilleur ami Leroy Merlin (d'aucuns au travail prétendent qu'il y a une banderole "Bienvenue Magali" à l'entrée du magasin tant je le fréquente), pour acheter une colle super puissante mais sans solvant bien sûr!




It still shows that it was broken, but it's part of its history now and there's nothing I can do about it... At least, it's not in the trash and it has a second life...


Les traces de casse se voient encore, mais au moins elle a gagné une deuxième vie!






The teapot wasn't so lucky: the spout is missing lots of tiny, tiny parts, so my work on it is not as good. It joined my collection, nonetheless. It will never make it to the front row, though!!!


La théière, elle, est plus mal en point. Le bec verseur a perdu trop de petits fragments pour que mon travail soit joli... Mais j'ai fait ce que j'ai pu et elle a rejoint la collection... Elle sera juste un mauvais élève, abonné au dernier rang!


So you think I'm cured from buying on the Internet? Not in the least!


Et vous pensez que cela m'a vacciné de l'achat sur Internet? Eh bien, même pas!!!






Little White House xxx



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  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...
  • I've been looking for a house for some time now... And I think I found it! The thing is it needs a lot of work to be transformed from a house to "my" home. I've been looking for ideas on everybody's blogs, so i thought I could begin one of my own...

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