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We're moving!




Ok,  not really.... Only the blog is moving!


Please join me to The Little White House On The Seaside on Blogger.


You'll need to re-suscribe if you want to as Overblog doesn't allow me to see you e-mail addresses.


I'll be delighted to see you there! It's still under construction, just like the house!


On déménage! Enfin, pas vraiment! Seulement le blog.


Je vous invite à me rejoindre sur The Little White On The Seaside sur Blogger.


Vous devrez vous réinscrire si vous le souhaitez car Overblog ne me donne pas vos adresses email.


Je serai ravie de vous retrouvez là-bas (c'est encore un peu en chantier, comme ma maison!)


Magali, from The Little White House xxx

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Mercredi 9 janvier 3 09 /01 /Jan 19:21

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


As you might remember, Milo, the former owers of the Little White House's cat, decided to come back and live here.

He seems to believe it's the best place in the world and I must say I'm flattered.

My very own cat, Shadow, does not think it's a good idea.

Milo is his worst enemy, but no matter how hard Shadow fights, Milo always comes back... He's like Terminator!

So life has been eventful around here as I've spent a lot of time trying to avoid a cat murder to happen in the house!

It has been decided that the chair I wanted to remove from the living-room is staying and is "Switzerland". Shadow isn't allowed to fight if Milo is on the chair... The rule is more or less observed.



Milo on the Switzerland chair.


Milo, le chat des anciens propriétaires de la maison, a donc décidé de venir se réinstaller ici. Cela ne plait pas du tout à Shadow et les bagarres sont incessantes... Il a donc été décidé que la chaise que je voulais retirer du salon allait rester et être élue "territoire suisse". Il est interdit de se battre quand Milo est sur cette chaise... Cela fonctionne à peu près.


Lately, there's been few minutes of peace between them. And it struck me how much alike they are.




Here they are admiring the new kitchen window.


Ces derniers temps, il y a eu des instants de paix. Ces deux photos, prises sans avoir le temps d'allumer les lumières ou de ranger la table (la trève pouvait ne pas durer!), me semblent souligner combien en fait ces deux ennemis se ressemblent... Et combien leur bagarres me semblent futiles.


The pictures are not blog-worthy, but when I saw them this quiet, I just knew it wouldn't last. I grabbed the camera without switching the light on or tidying the table (the picture was taken the day they finished the window!).




I swear I didn't ask them to do that!


To the human I am, they look so much alike I don't understand why they fight all the time.


Je me demande si les batailles entre humains leur semblent aussi ridicules... A leurs yeux, les humains doivent être tellement semblables.


I'm wondering if to them human fights seem also completely ridiculous, since we are also so much alike...


By the way the cats and I are in love with the new window...  Before/after coming soon!


Au fait, les chats et moi, on adore cette nouvelle fenêtre. Avant/après à suivre dans quelques temps!



Magali, from The Little White House xxx


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Dimanche 6 janvier 7 06 /01 /Jan 18:13

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


Tonight is the Twelfth Night, also known as "day of the Kings (Magi)" in France.


It's a family day where we eat a cake inside of which a lucky charm has been hidden. The person who finds the charm in his or her piece of cake is crowned king or queen for the day.




In Paris, the cake is called Gallette. It's made of pastry and almond dough.




In the south of France, though, it's traditional to eat a brioche in the shape of a crown.




Sometimes with glacé fruits on top of it (my Mom's favourite).




This year I tried to bake my own brioche. I found a recipe in a magazine with the glacé fruits inside.


Je vous passe les informations sur la galette dont vous n'avez pas besoin si vous êtes Français et je vous propose ma toute première brioche... Elle est un peu bancale, mais compte tenu du mini four avec lequel je travaille, je la trouve superbe!




It's not really even... But if you remember that I have a very tiny cheap oven, I believe it's perfect.


You may notice that the glacé cherries are very dark and the glacé orange pieces very light. That's because I use oragnic ones without artificial colouring.


Ne vous étonnez pas de la couleur foncée des cerises confites ou au contraire de la couleur palotte des oranges et citrons confits. J'utilise des fruits sans colorants artificiels... Et au naturel, cela donne donc ça!




It was delicous and I'll keep the recipe for next year... I'll just make some improvement from experience!




I would show you the lucky charm if I could, but it hasn't been discovered yet!


If you noticed some white fabric on a chair in my first picture... It's supposed to be turned into kitchen curtains some day...


Magali, from The Little White House xxx


PPS: 1) All pictures were found on Google and taken from websites, rather than personal blogs. The last three are mine, taken with the dreadful light we've had seen 2013 began!


2) I'm bringing my brioche to the following parties:


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Dimanche 6 janvier 7 06 /01 /Jan 16:02

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


It's a holiday tradition that I spend a day in Paris with my father.


C'est devenu une tradition de passer une journée à Paris avec mon Papa lors des fêtes de fin d'année.




We walked through the Luxembourg Park where he used to sail toy boat on the pool when he was a little boy.


Nous avons traversé le Luxembourg où nous avons croisé ce garde tellement "cliché" que je me suis dit que l'uniforme avait été choisi pour plaire aux touristes.




There we met a guard that was very "French cliché" looking. I bet they chose that uniform for tourists!


We went to eat to a no less French bistrot.




Nous n'avons pas manqué de nous arrêter dans un bistrot typique, le genre où l'on est tellement serré que l'on mange presque sur les genoux de son voisin!


And I then took him to the "passages", which are those covered alleys that go from one street to another and are full of wonderful shops!




Nous avons ensuite traversé divers passages couverts qui cachent des boutiques toutes plus belles les unes que les autres.




We had a great day, though we barely could feel our feet at the end of the day from walking so much!




I hope you enjoyed that walk through Paris as well.




Magali, from the Little White House xxx






Sharing this Paris day with:


  Making The World Cutter


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Vendredi 4 janvier 5 04 /01 /Jan 17:46

Dear readers,


Chers lecteurs,


I've always hated new year traditions. I feel completely stupid wishing a "happy new year" to people I barely know at work. And I don't wish better things at this time of the year to people I love than at any other moment of the year.


Je déteste les traditions de Nouvel An. Souhaitez une "bonne année" à des collègues que je connais à peine me semble extrêmement ridicule. A l'inverse, je n'attends pas un jour particulier pour souhaiter tout le bonheur du monde aux gens que j'aime!




I also don't make any resolutions. I know most of them are forgotten whithin a fortnight!


Je ne prends par ailleurs aucune bonne résolution... ni aucune mauvaise! De toute façon, on ne les tient jamais!




I've never chosen a "word of the year" either. To be fair, I had never even thought of it before I began reading blogs some three years ago.


I spent New Year's Eve with some high school friends: it was a nice night. We went to see a very funny play and then had dinner together. At some point, one of us said what she wished for as 2013 was nearly there. And then, every one of us had to do the same.


J'ai passé le réveillon chez des amis de lycée. A un moment de la soirée, il a été question de ce que nous souhaitions pour cette nouvelle année. Et là, gros trou! Aucune idée.


Well, I was drawing a blank and didn't say anything. Was I that dull that I didn't wish for anything? A kitchen? Wasn't that way "material girl" to say after one of us she wished to find true love?!?


Etais-je à ce point blasée que je ne désirais rien?


This is when I realised that for the first time, I didn't feel like something was missing in my life and I was rather content.


A ce moment, je me suis dit que pour la première fois, même s'il y a plein de petites choses dont je peux avoir envie, dans l'ensemble, je me sens sereine. 


So when suddenly every eyes turned on me and I knew it was time to say what I wished for: "I'd just like life to keep going", was my answer.


Cela a donc inspiré le mot de l'année 2013 (pour la première fois, je sacrifie à cette tradition!).


2013 does have a word, and a French word on top of it!




This word conveys the ideas of fullness, contentment and balance that are the ones that are important to me lately.


It's not a joke. It might seem ridiculous to have those words as guides when you have a very unfinished house as mine, when you're a substitute rather than a teacher who always work in the same school, when you're single and the clock is ticking!




Et non, ce n'est pas une blague! Cela peut paraître ridicule de cultiver un sentiment de plénitude quand on a une maison inachevée en plein travaux, un boulot de remplaçante toujours dans l'incertitude et une vie de célibataire alors que l'horloge biologique tourne!


I think otherwise... Rather than getting bitter and angry at the world because of all I don't have, I like to remember how lucky I am to have every thing I have: a roof over my head, a job that is always challenging, supporting parents and friends!




Justement, je pense que c'est sur tout ce qu'on a de formidable qu'il faut se concentrer: un toit sur la tête, un métier qui vous lance toujours de nouveaux défis, des parents et des amis toujours présents.




So all I can wish to you all is to find your own state of "PLENITUDE" for 2013 and the years to come.


La plénitude est donc l'état que je vous souhaite à tous de trouver en 2013 et dans les années qui suivront!




Magali, from The Little White House xxx



PS: Clicking on the pictures will take you back to some project posts from 2012.


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